LA Comic Con Takes Cold Weekend Front with Its Guests and Comics!

It has been quite sometime since last visiting the Los Angeles Convention Center when it had its convention known as Comikaze. This was back in 2014 when I first and last attended said convention, because it would later change it’s name to LA Comic Con. With said change, years would pass and it would not be until 2022 that I would see myself returning to this con in particular. Why well because one of the guests would be making an appearance at it of course!

This guest in question would be known to many in the sci/fi community as legendary because he would be starring in the hit television series known only as Star Trek. Who was it then, well William Shatner of course! He was one of many guests included, along with other artists in the artist alley, to vendors with numerous merchandise. The two halls South and West Halls would feature an array of activities, games, both arcade and card based, down to costume contests, food and drinks, and lots of merchandise  ranging from toys, comic books, appeal, posters, figurines lots of goods to pick from really. 

There was also some panel discussions in-between with some taking place in private rooms to others happening on the main stage set in the middle of the South Hall itself, with the West Hall having its main stage featuring gaming events, it was a variety pack of activity for all to see. Plus a lot of the people in attendance were dressed up, lots of comic based characters Spiderman, Disney, even a few anime characters as well roaming the floors. 

Meeting some guests and browsing the merchandise aisles kept me enlightened and entertained. Picking up a few pieces of memorabilia as well, it was a brief one day event, over a three day weekend, that was spent in more ways than just money but the fun times were provided as well.

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