Witch Taint Drop Video For "Changes (a Little Less Time for Satan)"

From the mean streets of Gary, Indiana by way of Oslo, Norway (or maybe the other way around - we’re not sure) comes WITCH TAINT, the most extremely extreme and Satanic Norwegian Black Metal band from Indiana ever (probably). Witch Taint has released their video for the track "Changes (a Little Less Time For Satan)."

"When we wrote 'Changes (a Little Less Time for Satan),' we knew we had written one of the greatest songs of all-time, but we had no idea we had also written an anthem for 2020 that will probably unite the whole world and stuff, which is awesome. Also, it's the only song we know of to successfully rhyme "brutal" with "garbage removal," so we're pumped about that too. Hail Satan," says co-founder and guitarist Lance the King of Black Metal.

Check out the premiere courtesy of Metal Injection HERE.

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