Rockin Volts - Self-Titled

Who would have thought that Australia would have had three acts to come forth being so hard rock. Take AC/DC, Airborne and now Rockin Volts. The last two being truly influenced if not simply inspired by the legendary band AC/DC themselves. Now lets not say they sound exactly like them, but there is a good resemblance right off the bat. For Rockin Volts though, who just released a debut self-titled EP in 2019. This collection of tracks is pure hard hitting momentum, from start to finish. The title track leads things off, keeping the material on edge especially vocalization. Soon after which comes “Ballbreaker”, then “Ain’t No Woman”, followed by the last of the lot “Let There Be Rock”. This set alone, keeps the same energy fusion as the opening number had done. Except these are much more rounded, keeping those vocals heavily intense, whilst keeping the instruments secure and fierce. Drums in particular are rather catchy with the guitars and bass, being driven purely on upbeat tones with melody passion through and through. In short, the band has got spunk and total flawlessness. Totally a hard rock n’ roll band to follow, and see where they end up next.

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