Bob Dee With Petro – Stun Gun

During a time that wasn't to long ago, Valentine Berlin, experienced an incident that would cause a struggle between the likes of love, life, and death. He would arise from the depths as an undead being which would crept back into the darkness of which he came, hiding away for the time being. Some years would pass and a hard-driven pop rock band would come forth called Bob Dee With Petro.

This would be when Valentine would return, in the form of another whole aspect altogether. Releasing a rather highly anticipated EP release titled "Stun Gun", via AMG and Song Records at the start of the newest year. With that, how does this release come in comparison to Valentine Berlin's works? Well it is total flip flop of the types of genre pickings's. Bob Dee With Petro being hard pop rock, whereas Valentine Berlin's was more goth hard rock. Think of HIM when hearing Valentine Berlin or even a slight sounding to that of The 69 Eyes perhaps.

In any sense though, Bob Dee With Petro’s EP is completely different, except for that energetic tone, that both Valentine Berlin had. Vocalization are even different, instrumentation is of course different, being more grounded, upbeat, and just catchier at times. Take for instance such tracks as “Monkey On My Back”, “Midnight Dancer”, and “Gasoline To The Fire”, these tracks alone, really set up what this EP has to offer.

Each one of these particular tracks, and the rest as well, are a lot alike really. Each providing it’s own momentum of spic, span, and spunk. Loads of energy throughout, hard hitting guitar riffs, bass structure that is creative in itself, with vocal chords and drum lines, that make it all come together. It’s rather dynamic at times, with such distortion, it makes each and every one of the tracks found upon the EP “Stun Gun”, that more interesting.

 Bob Dee With Petro’s EP is just chalk full of unforgettable ideas and loads of material, that you won’t likely be bored with the material at all. It may not be precisely like the works of Valentine Berlin’s but has it’s own originality to it, making it stand out and quite accessible.

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