Osovets Discusses of Living, Creating, and Developing Within Life!

Russian go getters OSOVETS have released their new album called "Мощь" or "Power", along with a few single's and video clips. The whole band consisting of four members discusses the music that they create and the life they uphold to live through.

1. First of all, please introduce your band and band members to our readers.

Vadim: There are four of us. The Moscow Four. I am Vadim Nikitin a vocalist, guitarist Vlad Vasin, drummer Maxim Finagin, as well as bass-guitarist and backing vocalist Dmitry Spivakov.

2.  Can you tell us about the formation of the band. How did you guys meet and all, was there any specialty behind the band's name?

Vlad: The band was formed in 2016. We all found each other on the internet. At first, the group consisted of three people: Vadim, Vlad and Maxim. We needed a bass player. We started looking for one. The bass player was in Vadim’s football team. Vadim having played football. One of the players on this team turned out to be a bass player. Vadim invited him to join the group. So we got Dmitry.

Maxim: The name of the band was suggested by Vadim. We named the band in honor of the Polish fortress Osovec and the event that occurred in the fortress back in 1915 during the First World War. I'm talking about the legendary Attack of the Dead.

3. Please tell us about the concept and lyrical themes of your music and the style of music that your band creates?

Dmitry: We perform Industrial Metal with elements of Doom Metal and Gothic Metal. Our music is characterized by the hard hitting sounds of metal provided by the guitar riffs, melodic samples, and matching rhythm and brutalizing vocal chords. In general, we do ot try to adhere to any one concept within our own music. We can create any song really. The main thing is that the song comes from our hearts and souls combined. Like four years ago, when we first had started, some of our fans had started calling our style  the "New Russian Hard Metal", by analogy with the Neue Deutsch Harte. I do not know how true this comparison is to us though. The author of all the texts is Vadim, and I think it is better to have him tell more about it.

Vadim: About poems. Our texts are about people and for people. I write mainly about my personal experiences. The only exceptions were the songs "Аокигахара" and "Эпилог", which refers to the post-apocalyptic world. Sometimes it puts me in terrible tales. Newly based lyrics are all about love. Love is fuel for the poet. I write about the relationship between two people, suffering, about hidden and bashful desires and emotions. But the most important rule that I observe when writing poetry is inspiration. The text should inspire, ignite, excite. The singer must want to sing his poems.

4. Speaking of music, tell us about your single called Aokigahara?

Vlad: This is our most famous song at present. She appeared quite by accident. Once I came up with a riff, I sent this it to Vadim, and just at that moment he was watching some kind of horror film about a forest of suicides and it all worked.

Vadim: Yes, I watched the movie "Ghost Forest" directed by Jason Zad. The film impressed me a lot, and here such a gorgeous riff comes. I immediately wrote the text. The song was very good to us.

Maxim: The song tells about the famous Japanese suicide forest Aokigahara. I must say this, right away that the Osovets band does not promote suicide and does not call for suicide. We value life, we are only for life. In the song itself, the story is more about the afterlife- the spirits that, according to legend, live in this forest.

5. What about that other single with a music video for a track called "Power"?

Dmitry: This is a man’s song. Those who watched the clip drew attention to the fact that it shows a lot of weapons, military equipment, explosions and fires. These are metaphors in fact.

Vadim: Yes, the song is about a man’s soul, about his life being strong with stormy emotions. The military atmosphere of the song does not mean that the band is militarized. The soul is a battlefield, and the heart is a nuclear explosion. And after such a battle, empty, scorched, black, cold earth remains.

6. Both of these tracks are taken from your album "Power"?

Dmitry: No. Aokigahara was released separately from the album. This track is a stand-alone single.

7. Have you continued to write any new material in continuation of “Power”?

Vlad: Yes, a few more songs were written during the work on the album “Power”, but these songs will be included on the next album.

8. How is the metal scene or music scene moving in your country?

Maxim: The development of metal culture in Russia is at an average level relative to the United States and Europe. Only two large festivals exist in Russia: this is “Нашествие” and “Rock over Volga”. The concept of these festivals is not just metallic. Most of the bands performing at these festivals perform soft rock. Hard rock bands are rare guests here. We hope that in the future the situation will change for the better. We are doing our best to bring this future closer.

9. Can you tell us if you have already played abroad?

Dmitry: No, we have not played in other countries yet. Russia is a very big country. The size of the territory of Russia is equal to the territories of the USA and Canada together. The distance from Moscow to St. Petersburg is equal to two distances from Berlin to Prague. A foreign tour for Russian groups is a long journey. Although we planned to give a concert in Estonia this year, but the concert was postponed indefinitely due to the pandemic.

10. What are the plans for the remainder of this year in 2020?

Vadim: We always keep our plans in a secret. I consider it a bad idea to talk about an event if it has not happened yet. This is a sign. I’ll say for sure that there will be a lot of interesting and good things. The band lives, develops, creates new songs. We do not forget about our fans and do only the best for them. All will be.

11. Thank you very much for your time! It's very nice to know more about you. Want to say something to your fans and our readers?

Dmitry: I wish you to be strong in order to overcome two enemies that prevent us from succeeding in life - it is too lazy to start our life’s business and the fear of being misunderstood. Create and bewilder!

Vadim: We do everything so that our fans get a lot of pleasure from our songs. I wish you a lot of metal and drive, and we will try to help you in this. And yet: behave badly, because good people go to heaven, and bad people go to a rock concert.

Maxim: I want to say thank you for being with us and for supporting us! Be strong, patient, do not change yourself, set goals and achieve them! And most importantly - health to you and those who are dear to you! Take care of yourself.

Vlad: Happiness, success and good luck. So that it was right, arms from the shoulders were, and dreams were fulfilled. Let the Power come with you!

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