Bob Dee With Petro Talks of Old Works and All New Works Too!

Rock n' rollers BOB DEE WITH PETRO is New York's premiere band with a sound that has developed and become it's own reality. With that, the band has gone on to release content, including an EP titled "Stun Gun". Frontman vocalist/guitarist Bob Dee himself goes into talks about this old act Valentine Berlin and all the details about this new projected band he is with nowadays.

1. So the first and last time we spoke was back in 2017, under the namesake Valentine Berlin, when you dealt with that project so is that project still alive and well or did you put a stake in it?

Hi Natalie, great to talk to you again. In 2017 I went through a bad break up, I moved into a small room in NYC and wrote two albums one was Valentine Berlin then Bob Dee with Petro "Pretty Things" I got signed first with the Valentine Berlin album to a small label in Germany. I flew to Germany to make my music video with Annie Bertram Director and the press loved it. At the same time we shopped my "Pretty Things" album and music mogul Mark Berry he has like 42 Gold and Platinum albums loved the single "Socially Awkward" and signed me to SONY Records. The single and music video rocked the world so I went with the major label and I signed many licensing deals with my song "Socially Awkward". As far as Valentine Berlin, I still sell albums and merch and still love that album.

2. Can you tell me about this new project or band called Bob Dee With Petro?

From the Pretty Things album I toured the UK support for ex-WASP guitarist Chris Holmes, I have toured the UK a few times. I went on to record "Killstar" toured the West Coast last year support with "Enuff Z'Nuff" and played the world famous 'Whisky A -Go Go and now we just released our new EP "Stun Gun".

3. How would you say that Bob Dee with Petro and Valentine Berlin are alike, different, and in equals to one another?

Well, they are alike because I teamed up with Brian Bauers and my drummer Scott Campbell for both albums. I wrote both albums and played most instruments except drums, same team for both.

4. Why go with calling this band Bob Dee with Petro?

Its funny I tried to get the rights for my company to call it Bob Dee then tried to get the rights to Petro but couldn't so I settled on Bob Dee and my bands name is Petro. I was touring the UK and saw that the fuel over there is called Petrol so I took the L off and named my band.

5. What style of music does Bob Dee with Petro create and why did they pick this genre choice out of the bunch available?

I have always been a rocker playing my Les Paul through a Marshall Amp since I was playing clubs in high school. It was a natural fit just to crank it up and play my music its what I grew up on and flowing through my veins.

6. Let's discuss the song lyrics involved within Bob Dee with Petro as a whole.

I was on a total high coming back from my West Coast tour last year but when I got back to NYC I got so down and sad I hit bottom don't know why but I wrote the song "DOWN" about suicide. I also wrote "Monkey On My Back" about trying to get clean with alcohol so many issues I was dealing with last year but I was able to turn it around and make an awesome album.

7. What are Bob Dee with Petro's musical and non-musical influences?

My influences growing up are David Bowie Spiders From Mars, The Sweet, Kiss and Deep Purple my non influences are art I grew up since I was 7. I painted with oils my grandmother taught me how to paint so I have been active in the art world.

8. How did the deal with Sony Records happen and ran through your mind when they approached you for the deal?

This a great story I was married for many years and she wanted a divorce I was in a bad way she called me a loser and told me I would never get a record deal. The whole time I was with her I was trying to get a record contract I kept sending out my songs and nothing then I got divorced and sent to a guy I was sending my songs to for years and he always told me I like what you do but I don't hear a hit song but keep sending me your songs and finally I sent "Socially Awkward" to him and he wrote back this is the song I have been waiting for ,for 10 years I am signing you to SONY Records. His name is Mark Berry at AMG through SONY records and I am on my third album through SONY and happy and blessed to be making music.

9. Where and when did you record your EP "Stun Gun"? Are you satisfied with it?

I recorded the EP last year in Upstate NY near where I grew up, I stayed at my parents house and used all my old vintage guitars, I called a few local musician up there my drummer friend Kelly Yacco and Scott Henderson on bass guitar and we recorded the EP.

10. Would you say that this EP is the band's debut release or has the band released previous content beforehand?

This is our third record on SONY I feel this is the record I always wanted to record, it has more guitars more riffs and it sounds the best so far of all my albums I enlisted Lou Giordano (Goo Goo Dolls) to mix the singles and Alex Saltz (Stryper, Vampire Weekend) to master the album.

11. Now, tell us something about "Stun Gun", and the lyrical themes behind each track. What are the ideas you wanted to put across?

1. Track 1:Monkey On My Back: It is about the working man, the 9-5 man that just drinks his life away and has a Monkey on his back.

Track 2: Midnight Dancer: I had a strange and wild encounter on a rooftop one summer night in NYC. I will let your readers listen to the lyrics to find out what happened.

Track 3: Switchblade: This song is about a fight and breakup with a girl that I loved.

Track 4: DOWN this song is about suicide that keeps creeping into my life its hard to shake off sometimes but I seem to have recovered.

Track 5: Gasoline To The Fire:I seem to have these relationships with women that it always is hot and when the two of us are together its real hot fighting then making love.

Track 6: We All Come Down: it is my song about the environment down to the water, breathe the earth and the wind and the water.
12. When shall fans expect something new from you i.e. music video, single, documentary, new music, etc.

We released our video right before the worldwide virus hit for our single "Down" and we were planning another one for "Monkey" but now our focus is releasing a vinyl for the album and new merch including a new hoodie design for the fall.

13. Will we see Valentine Berlin and Bob Dee with Petro performing a show and or touring together ever?

Wow, that would be awesome I would love to make that happen. I will say yes! I am fired up and ready to play!

14. What does the rest of 2020 have in the works for you guys?

Well, since the virus and in NYC we have been in lock down for the last two months all of our shows, tours got cancelled, so we are planning on putting out a lot of product a vinyl record. A new merch hoodie design and a few singles in the fall.

15. Thanks a lot for the interview. Speak out to your fans, supporters, critics and our readers before we wrap up!

I want to thank all of our fans around the world for supporting me for all these years! You have gotten me through some tough times. Sending love and light.

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