Rock’D Coffee Batches Out Queensryche’s Michael Wilton’s Own Blend of Some Dark Roast

Who would have thought, that various artists and bands alike, would get into the craze that is coffee! Not just being a fan of the beverage but partake in brewing their own blends with numerous companies to call their own. Like for instance alternative pop rock artist Jasmine Cain is one, who has a handful of coffee blends at her disposal. Whilst some bands share some of that brew as well, like metalcore gents As I Lay Dying, along with members like Michael Wilton of Queensryche, Tim Ripper Owens formerly of Judas Priest and even PKing's 333rd. The last three being some of the more recent, partnering up with Rock'D Coffee to release signature artist and band blends to the future and present alike.

First up would be Michael Wilton of Queensryche, who had a little bit of a note expressing “Being from Seattle, I’m used to drinking some of the best coffee in the US. Almost everyone drinks coffee here-it’s part of our culture. I’m not saying I’m a connoisseur, but I know what I like. Whip’s Pacific Blend is an Italian Roast that’s not too dark, so it’s perfect for drip machines but bold enough for espresso machines. It’s a smooth, balanced blend that’s not heavy without a bitter aftertaste. Drink it black or add your favorite creamer or sweetener for the perfect cup that rocks your morning!”

With that said of course, each bag contains 12 ounces/340 grams of premium dark roast coffee beans! The beans were whole beans for starters, dark brown in color, and can be put into a coffee grinder, for grinding, the coffee blend in the bag does not come already grinded. So you have to grind up the beans yourself, and then toss that mixture into your coffee maker, let it come to a boil, and then toss in your condiments, sugar, milk, half and half, whichever works and then mix and you got yourself some coffee hot off the maker from that bag of beans.

How does it taste, well its sweet but not super sweet but has a taste to it, that you will enjoy sipping upon with each gulp. The coffee that was consumed by myself was mixed with half and half and sugar, so it came out to a well blended mixture that was sweet yet flavorful.

Surely any coffee goer will quench their thirst every morning with this well thought out brew. It has flavor and will tend to catch on, with each sip; just as the other blends from Rock’D Coffee will be serving up in no time at all.

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