Juan Sanchez – Rebirth

Juan Sanchez has released what he calls his first album or debut album titled "Rebirth" an EP of material actually. Upon listening, you would think by his namesake that the genre of choice would be something perhaps more exotic in a Latin flavor type of sense. But after hearing the title track play out, his works is purely instrumental with some mixing's of synth's in a multilayered way. The title track is i short, rather satisfying when hearing it. Whilst the other material off the EP such as "Beto", "Heading to Dreamland", and Peaceful Places", even all capture a rather calming tone. It has a very melodically to it, that makes it soft yet soothing at times, just something that has a new age wave, yet effective enough to be enchanting as well. It's a wonderland through and through really, you will hear the trance of this producer, pianist and composer at hand, go at it, for all it is worth. Giving you a real feel of emotions, that males this EP musically different yet truly original. It likely has to be one of those releases that you can throw on, keeping it left on repeat for endless amounts of times. Never ever getting forgetful of it at all. You would rather likely want more and surely Juan Sanchez will deliver as such, in the coming future on his next release that will capture that same type of essence just as this EP "Rebirth" has done already. It is beautiful.


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