The Veer Union Salute Chester Bennington with Acoustic Cover Version of "Numb"

The Veer Union are paying tribute to the late Linkin Park vocalist with an acoustic cover of "Numb" from their upcoming "Decade 2: Rock and Acoustic" album.

Singer Crispin Earl says, "I decided to do this cover not only because everyone in The Veer Union are huge fans of Linkin Park and wanted to honor Chester Bennington and his immense contribution to the world with his voice and music, but on a personal level I have also struggled with depression which I have written and talked openly about for years. The song 'Numb' has always spoken to me on very personal level and all I can hope is that we did some justice to it, to pay homage to Chester. It was a tremendous loss, and he will live in our hearts and souls forever."

Check it out HERE.

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