Josh Christina - Friend Zone

Josh Christina is a modernized rockabilly artist, who to this day, is keeping the greats alive and well. How does he do it, well by taking what he does with music, to its root sources, creating such incredible talent, that only the legends behind the original material would be able to contain it, but Josh Christina pulls it off well. So much so, that his most recent release "Instincts", brings out a track titled "Friend Zone", which is making quite a lot of noise since it is this release's current single at the time.

In fact, this particular track not only is a single but opens up the album too. Literally "Friend Zone", is the first track off the album "Instincts",  and it was a good choice to do this, and be a single as well. As far as the track goes with sound, the style is rockabilly but more modern. Like an update styling to the genre. Josh's ways with the genre, captures an essence that makes it come alive within itself if that makes much sense.

The music just flows to the beat of the tunes, everything coming into focus of play. It works out really nicely actually. Like how Josh's vocalization interjects with the music, makes it more catching, upbeat, and just downright fun honestly. After listening to the track a few times over, it came much enjoyable through each listen. The tone and voice just gets so entertaining it becomes fulfilling at times.

"Friend Zone", as a track overall, is one that just manages to pull everything together and make itself work. Hearing it play through just made it fun cannot say that enough. Everything really works well together, making it a track that can be enjoyed time and time again.

All in all, Josh Christina is an individual whose time with creativity of music, works rather nicely that everything comes out right. "Friend Zone", with its accompanying album "Instincts", just becomes one of those tie in releases that runs with all that is happening.

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