Pellé Price - G Code

Pellé Price is an artist of Christian faith, where he takes the Gospel of love, truth, and faith bringing the likes of such music genres as rap and pop. But instead of doing the typical ordeal as such would do, Pellé Price creates something much more vibrant and vivid. His take on his latest track titled "G Code", does this, capturing an essence that makes the music lasting.

"G Code", is not just a track released as a single, but as an accompanying video as well. The video that follows suite, is plain as can be, showcasing Pellé Price just doing his thing singing to the camera, with minor effects to that of smoke and fog. Again pretty plain but gets the point across, of it being more focus on the music than the figure at hand.

Either way though, it is more so about the music, because his tactics as an artist, singing this track "G Code", really has something for it. The energy of the track, captures his performance, he has this wave that overflows, able to make the melodies of the tunes work.

There is just this beat, that really keeps the music in check. It has a catchiness that never quits. It's so catching to the ear, that you can find yourself dancing along to it, if not just swaying to the beat of what's happening with it. Pellé Price does this with style and perfection.

All in all though Pellé Price's "G Code", is nothing more than a track that has potential and plenty of energy to lean on. If future works, are along these lines of what this track is like, then he will be the next artist to continually watch out for, for certain.

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