Hitwood - Marea

Hitwood's last release was their EP titled "Detriti", with the follow-up comes their new full-length album called "Marea". According to Antonio, the one behind Hitwood, he goes on to say this about the release "For me that album is the most important of our career, first of all because the lyrical themes approaches different the matics that continue the concept started with the first album and also talk about some things relatable with everyone’s life. Then, it’s also important because I put a lot of work in it and this time I’ve involved 4 singers that have donate their voice for the only cause of produce great Melodic Death Metal! Thanks." So with that the album has potential, spunk and has rawness written all over it. The melodic death metal styling that Hitwood preserves is fierce yet tight. Like take such tracks as "Where Unreality Becomes True", "This Picture", "I'll Wait for you, Near the Lighthouse", and "Our Streets", are the summary of content offered from this release. They bring out this impact of intensity yet aggression too. The material mixes vocals and instrumental so willingly, it makes the music go in tune, that it just sounds faster and very outgoing. In other words, Hitwood's album that is this one "Marera", is very promising and has a way of convincing the listener at hand, to hear it for themselves.

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