Ilustra Brings the Artistic Styling of the Art Medium to Life in Several Creative Ways

Ilustra is an illustration agency, who was founded in 2011, since then, they have become one of the biggest Ukrainian agencies around. In fact, since 2015, Ilustra has become international by expanding and opening offices out in Europe and Asia. What they do for numerous artists is offer advertising, storyboards, animatics, video animation, video cases, and many more tasks and activities; that may be needed from whomever seeks their guidance, time, and efforts.

In terms of the quality of their line of work, when checking out their achieve within the numerous sections that consist of storyboards, illustrators, animations, 3D, and animatics, the portfolio of workers is extensive at its peak. Like take for instance such story boarders as Alena, Lesha, Masha, Sasha, and Ura, to name off a few of them. These selections alone, really set up what art style that they can bring to someone in need of their assistance with their own craft and artistic styling.

When it comes illustrators, that has more of a wider range of artists, some of which tend to stand out more so, would include Andrey Gordeev, Juli Kissel, Marichka Ruban, Nery Alegria, Svetlana Bookanova, and even Tory Polska to name off quite a few there. A lot of which, just give off such talented art, it is hard to resist their creativity as a whole, it is truly mesmerizing.

Now for the animations, containing numerous video clips of a mere couple of seconds to 1 to even 3 minutes in length of video, demonstrates what each artist in the video area can really do with their art and skill set. Some of the more well put together pieces would likely be "Hike Case", "DataGroup", "Crystal", "Anmum", as well as "UkrGazBank Case Video" and "Microsoft". These right here, are just some of the most interesting styling of art to come around. It feels child like at times, but it is done so well, it keeps you occupied with what is shown, colorful characters, with graphics that pull you in, keeping you interested at all times.

Find out about these artists via the official website:

As for the 3D element of the art, that takes on a whole another element altogether, showing more of a realistic feel with the art at hand. Some of those pieces being everyday objects like flowers, food, animals, you name it. Some of the 3D artists of choice are very few that include Aleksandr Kuskov, Alexander Lyan, and Nikolay Razuev. While this is minor at best, their work is far from being little quality, it is quite well developed and very dramatic, really making you think and even wonder at what you see in that other element that is 3D. At best, it is probably the more appealing piece of art to go around, it is just there to uphold you, keeping you locked in, wanting more of what they can do really.

Animatics has to come in with more of a similar vibe of the animations concept, while these being very familiar, the art is vastly different. Each video piece of animatics being unique and original, some of which are as "Cinderella", "Portraits", "Samsung", "Museum", and "Nestle". A lot of these being a few seconds to maybe 1 to 2 minutes tops. But their animatics style is so vivid and visual, it makes the art within them come to life, more so than, how they are depicted in the animatic itself.

These are just the very few of the artists to come from the Ilustra website, who knows just how many more, will be added on, showing off their pure talents, and what they got embedded within themselves. If you want to find out more about them, then head over to their official website!

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