LegoHeads - Headlights

LegoHeads is an ambient pop band, made up of one man. Indeed true, LegoHeads has been active for three years now, making lyrically driven content, that is atmospherically, with an apparent rainy north western vibe keeps the music vivid and alive. That said, "Headlights", is taken from the sophomore album "The Space Between", a release that is set in place, by just this song alone. "Headlights", a pop meets indie rock, think of modern day act Twenty One Pilots, that is whom LegoHeads sounds like very much so.

In fact, they not only take influence from such an act, but LegoHeads' style is very mystical yet visual. In other words, the music is very dance friendly, that surely this track or any of the previous content beforehand, would be played within the walls of a club or party scene. So LegoHeads style is very enjoyable and rather fun upon listening in. "Headlights", for the most part, just brings to mind this energy force field of passion and pride. Not much else is needed here.

It is how LegoHeads works as a one man band of an act. The way that the material to come off of "The Space Between", is very well rounded, making the material more in-depth with the music and context as well. After hearing "Headlights", several times through, it became clear, that this track would be a factor of focus within this sophomore album. While it is a single of choice for this album, it is so much more than that even. The way of how the music and vocals work together, creates this circle of grouping that makes it just sink in, making it whole.

Like how the music is so driven in its styling, makes LegoHeads, more of an outsider, but good at what is being done. "Headlights", off of "The Space Between",  album is just a track that has energies to spare, to keep the listening experience more fresher with each listen.

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