No Liars - The Cause & The Cure!

No Liars spent time writing and recording for their debut full-length titled "The Cause & The Cure!". Releasing from it a lead single called "Justified Sacrifice", which pretty much lays out the entirety of this album release. When hearing this track or seeing the video that accompanies it, it sets up what No Liars style is aiming to being. Their style is punk meets hardcore, that is pretty much it. So think not so much Hatebreed's level of style, but more like early AFI or Anti-Flag vibrations is what No Liars gives off upon this track and its album as a whole. Aside from the lead single being the factor choice provided, a lot of the other tracks have good promise to them, such as "Freedom Regime", "Animal", "Guilt Trip", "This Hell I Call Home", "Consumed" and "Faceless". When hearing any number of these tracks, you get the idea of what to expect. In short, it is fast, energy driven progression with lots of angst embedded within. That is how "The Cause & The Cure", plays out, throughout itself really. No Liars, have got the flare and pulsating force, to keep their style upright and go forward, making this album be a delivery that is expected but worth it.

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