Named By The Sun - Deathcap

Named By The Sun had hit the jam room running immediately after the break-up of a previous project, bringing together various members, only then would the band be formed, and so would the likeliness of an debut release, to follow in tow this being an EP titled "Deathcap". Now this is just the titling of the EP, so there is no need to be worried of some actual "death cap" you wear atop your head, or is there? Perhaps but who knows for certain, only the band would know for sure.

In any case though, this debut EP "Deathcap", features 3-tracks, one of which is "Dogfight", the opener of the release, as well as the first leading single to come from the EP. As a whole though, both in terms of this track, as well as the other tracks off this EP. This whole release is chalk full of harmonics, solos, both of which are featured heavily throughout each of the 3 tracks off the EP. Really showcasing an array of skill set, from not just the guitar but the other instrumentation as well.
In short, this release has lots of song writing put into effect of accordance, but with the proper mood and structure added in for good measurements, it makes the elements more glamorous. The songs just flow between the heavier and lighter movements provided. For the most part, with a track like "Dogfight" and the rest, you get a rather entertaining piece of work, being purely on an instrumental basis. No vocalization is used at all, because there is no need for it.

All in all Named By The Sun's debut EP "Deathcap", may not be a piece of head wear, but piece of art, that crafts together the work, put to good use of the music that they have created here. Only the time will tell where their music will take them from this point forward.

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