The Great Heights Band - rad-pop

It's funny how a nobody band like The Great Heights Band, who not to be confused with another band with similar style and name, Hawthorne Heights, became such a deal after only being an act for such a short while. If you consider 4 years a short while at least, but in any case this is exactly what happened to The Great Heights Band, who got their start as of all things, not even a full-fledged band a duo act, leading into a fully fledged band of musicians who would go on to release their first full-length "Songs in Eastern Standard Timing" in 2015, with the plans for the follow-up album already underway one year later.

It was then during this time that between 2016 through 2017 the band was spent writing and recording material for their sophomore and follow-up release entitled "rad-pop". Which just so happens to also be what their genre choice is considered. So indie crossed with alternative mixed with some rock, think of acts from the 2000's era frame like Weezer, Motion City Soundtrack, and OK Go. That is the route of pacing and direction that can be found upon this "rad-pop" release. It does deliver though, not just with its content but having an accompanying single from it as well, this track being titled "Better Things". The sole alone track, being rather catchy, even taking on the likes of others, who took to the track, really embracing its energy and quick momentum. With that, the noted album does have other tracks along these same premises, including "Quicksand", "All In", "What's Real!", "Free" and "A Little Time".

How these tracks play out, is a lot like how "Better Things", had done, very energized, catchy, and upbeat on tone. When listening to this assortment, you feel as if you were taken a back into the era that was the 2000's if not earlier 2000's if at that. It makes The Great Heights Band be more of a variety, but sticking to a style that is noticeable and fun, even after all of this time past of course.

Overall "rad-pop", is a piece of work by The Great Heights Band, who have had quite the running, with no plans on slowing down but, speeding up, because with this album as it is now, it will take them ever so further, than their previous release had done, showcasing all just what they can do, in this form right here.

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