Italian party go getters WE HAVE THE MOON have just gotten signed on with Rockshots Records, released some singles off their debut album "Till The Morning Comes", with the album due out soon enough. The band talks about the album, it's accompanying singles of release, and what the future holds.

1. First of all, we would like to know about the formation of the band. When and how was it formed? Which roles do each of you play in the band?

We Have The Moon was founded in 2015 in Bologna, Italy. The project was originally very different, it was founded by pursuing another genre, far from the current one. Then with Makku passing to the vocals we moved to what we wanted to express. Over time evolution took over then we started taking things more seriously, leading into the current formula. The lineup is composed by Makku - vocals, Morse - guitar and backing vocals, Corey - bass and backing vocals, Gedd - drums and vocals.

2. What are the musical and non-musical influences for you guys?

The current We Have The Moon project is musically inspired by the fresh sound and attitude brought by bands such as Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack!, Enter Shikari and Eskimo Callboy. We reflected ourselves and found our own strong identity. Music aside, we are truly inspired by nightlife, which we report as a topic in our lyrics.

3. How about the lyrical context, what sort of themes or topics do they tend to cover within your music?

As mentioned above, the main themes of our songs are party, nightlife and relations. There is also room for deeper emotions, motivation and all the positive energy that comes with it. The lyrics are mainly inspired by personal experiences, and we think that having experienced certain situations in the first place is the best way to transmit them loud and clear.

4. Which genre choice would you catagorize your band and why go with that genre in particular?

We love to define our genre "Partycore", that's an electronicore with party themes. We've always listened to electronic music and we're strongly inspired by Italian dance music from the 90's, that was very fashionable also abroad, we even made a cover of the well-known "Blue" from Eiffel65 in our own way.

5. Can you tell me briefly as to how the band got the name We Have The Moon? What is the ransom to get it back?

The moon is the representation of the night, in which our songs often take place… We own the night! We Have The Moon!

6. Why did you think that the track "Definitely Not A Serenade" was the right choice for a single and video?

We chose "Definitely Not A Serenade" because, together with "Killer Party", it's one of the most representative track of the album, both in terms of sound and attitude. We got totally hooked with these two!

7. Will there be any other tracks to come from "Till The Morning Comes" album?

We decided to release "Killer Party" and "Definitely Not A Serenade" before the album, but pretty sure other songs will be released after "Till The Morning Comes".

8. Why should those who listen to music go forth and check out "Till The Morning Comes"?

We want to bring positivity, that's about making people smile and giving them positive energies. We believe it's something that people need, especially in recent times. This may be a good reason to give "Till The Morning Comes" a listen.

9. Who was the one to approach whom as far as getting signed with Rockshots Records?

We proposed ourselves to Rockshots Records, they liked our project so we met in their offices in Turin and we decided to work together. Initially we were supposed to work on an EP, but then it came out the idea of the album so here we are!

10. What are the plans that you guys have for this year?

For this year surely to play a lot of shows and get us known better, then, why not, maybe achieving satisfactory results in some big stage.

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