Metalwings - Fallen Angel In The Hell

Symphonic metal, the style that brings forth the frontwomen to the center, showcasing her pipes and other talents. This women not just being good behind her vocal works, but behind the use of an instrumental as well. Her violin in fact, as her soulful vocals tends to conjure the magical moments of the sounds of music, that her band Metalwings brings out in the form of their EP release "Fallen Angel In The Hell". This EP not only showcasing the band's frontwomen, but the band as well, especially in such songs as "Slaves Of The Night" and "Immortal Metal Wings". These of which, showcasing the opera styling's to which this symphonic metal is brought forth ever so more, that the music becomes everlasting. This tone of tunes, capturing the essence of everything happening at once, creating an in-depth feel of emotion, that all can be embraced for what it is worth. In other words, the music just becomes so enchanting, that it has an overwhelming beat, with gripping instrumentals and vocalization, that it becomes groundbreaking. Metalwings style is much like other symphonic metal acts, like Nightwish, Within Temptation, and even some of Leave's Eyes works. If alluring is what you take hold, then surely this metal act will do you well.

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