Eyes Set To Kill - Self-Titled

The one that started it all was "Deadly Weapons" featuring a guest spot by Craig Mabbit of Escape The Fate. This track by Eyes Set To Kill, drawing me towards them both musically and as a band as a whole. This track coming off their sophomore release "The World Outside" (2009) this album doing a good job for what it was, their previous release "Reach" (2008) being another good release as well. This releases kept interest to me for the band, as they would go on to deal with some issues within the band, still managing to play shows, tour and release more material to their namesake. These other works being "Broken Frames" (2010), "White Lotus" (2011), and "Masks" (2013).

Five albums down with a sixth taking on the self-titled mark with its title, this one being the longest out of the lot, to get a release. Five years in fact, as the time length draw on the band would deal with more mishaps, cutting ties as a sister act with screaming vocals to just clean cut vocalization with one sister involved. This sister was Alexia Rodriguez, providing the clean vocals, lead guitar, keyboards, synthesizers and piano. The leave of screaming vocals only being minor upon this self-titled release, those unclean vocal chords being done by backing vocalist/guitarist AJ Bartholomew, whose guitar and vocalization is decent enough for this album. As for the drums and bass work, provided by drummer Caleb Clifton and bassist Comron Fouladi, their work is in equal markets, each doing their own accordance, to the material at work. As the music goes as a whole, it has its moments to shine, with heaviness in such tracks as "Break" especially.

"Survive", is another one of the tracks that has some moments of screaming style vocals to a point for the most part. Other tracks of notice would have to be such as "Saved You With A Lie", "Devastated", "Letting Go", and "Misery". These other tracks off the album, being raw yet still true to the Eyes Set To Kill formula, used in years prior. Pretty much, these tracks are hard, heavy, with still being catching as well. Either way the material just sucks you in, that you end up liking it more than you probably would think.

Eyes Set To Kill's sixth full-length album that decided upon the self-titled titling, did a good job of making such a choice. This way, whoever hears said material, can recognize whom it is instantly, just sitting back, really taking in the music, for all it has to offer.

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