Fox & Coyote - Blue Marble

Alternative folkists Fox & Coyote will release their new full-length album "Scattered Shadows on a Double Bed" this spring. But before that happens a single and video came from it titled "Blue Marble". This song coming this album says a lot, for one the video was directed by Sarah Olander, the video and song for that matter, is captured within the self aware obsession with smallness. This being detailed with a rather creepy puppet show about of what else ants! It's vision matching well with the song's concept. But how does it all come together as a wholesome truths. Well both song and video for the most part, do a darn good job, capturing the slow paced energy given off here. The song is not fast paced by any means, but slow and steady paced, making it more drawing to the ears and listener.

Like how the music plays out, it is very driven to that slow neck pace, that makes it more alluring, keeping a fantasy element almost. Whilst the vocalization duties are performed good enough, that they keep up with the slow steady pacing, keeping the music in tune with all that is happening. It is still track that grips you, keeping your interest throughout. The tone of beat it tends to keep, is one of those come and go patterns, that picks up at times then let's go, picking it up and letting it go again and again until the song concludes. This manner being quite interesting, because no matter which way this song takes on, it is still one that keeps it together.

There probably is not much else to be said about the track than what has been said already. Fox & Coyote is an act of its kind, while many may take the alternative folk for their own, like many others, this act goes with it full focus. Not allowing any others to get in their way, making it unique to their own doing, that you will know it is them, each time you hear them, even with a song like this one.

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