Malet Grace says to Let the Metal Eternally Flow!

Metal enthusiasts Malet Grace have released their new EP "Humanocide", which is a follow-up to their debut full-length album "Malsanity" (2017). The band got together to \discuss all there is to know about the EP and their future!

1. Can you describe your band in just three words?

Heavy, poetic, and impactful.

2. Why go with a name like Malet Grace? Does it have a meaning to it?

The band develops the idea of a concept album based on the disintegration of the ego and its openness to the apocryphal schemes of the human intellect and the consequent immorality of the contrasting debate between good and evil. The term "Malet Grace" unites both idiosyncratic forms of the fragile art of existence.

3. What and who has influenced you as a band and as individuals?

Our style is also the result of the influences of each of us, including: Queensryche, Fates Warning, Helloween, Metallica, Megadeth, Metal Church and others.

4. How would you describe the songs material, what sort of theme's or topics do they cover?

The concept is based on the disintegration of the ego, understood as an existential entity that unites the poor concepts of good and evil because We believe there is an index of miscellanea between the two features that carries one and the other version to wrap in indistinguishable parts. All this mechanism and the many facets of both concepts give create the primitive chaos, interpreted in our drafts by that angel who bears the name of Malet. The rest is a continuous becoming, an obsessive search for the human to face the schemes considered "madness of the mind" by the multitude, just think of the human side of schizophrenia that would be the combination of rationality and intolerance to those false idols of which we talk about so much, but which fundamentally They have never shown their real potential except to deceive ourselves, history and time to come.

5. "Humanocide" the band's debut EP release for the band in general, since you have already released your first full-length "Malsanity" in 2017, 2018 see's your first EP. So tell me a little bit about it, how does it vary from your previous works?

The themes reported on "HUMANOCIDE" are always facing the contrast between good and evil but with a more rational key, ranging from current mass abuses such as terrorism, depravity in a maniacal sense and "politicantism" in the role of a general and generalized dismay on the international scene. Malerie represents Malet's female counterpart on earth, dedicated to camouflaging herself among the atrocities and the horrors of an imminent apocalypse of the human race. At last, a hope can be revealed by a compensation of souls that would lead to defuse the sneaky and persevering mechanism of religious and political spheres and that veil of a cold indifference that each of us potentially can resort to absolute poverty of the other one and just the negligent men know how to rear unlike those who can suppress it with certainties, hope and existence.

6. Why go with a title such as "Humanocide",what does that mean or reference for this EP?

We are talking about "Humanocide", because we all are the actors of this perverse spectacle and nurturing an obstinate redemption of fear.

7. How does the artwork to "Humanocide" relate to the music that appears on this EP?

On the cover is depicted Malerie, Malet's female counterpart, who comes forward among the miseries of this alleged civilization and self-destruction phenomenon of humanity itself.

8. What is the EP about as a whole would you say?

It refers to the common current issues: politics, religion, sense of abandonment (overall and individual) but above all to our inability to be able to destroy and rise again.

9. What was the writing and recording process like for the EP?

It was very fluid, the whole process took 2 months between recording, mixing and mastering. The writing period started as soon as Malsanity (our debut album) was published: most of the songs included in Humanocide were arranged in early 2017, and then perfected during summer.

10. What is your favorite track from the EP and why?

We’re very attached to "Sometimes I Need To Die". It started with a simple chord progression, and was entirely written and composed with only one guitar and Giampaolo’s voice in short time. Once the structure was completed we took the song and added the rhythmic structure, with the addition of a powerful distorted breakdown after the second chorus section. The lyrics are just wonderful: unlike the rest of the EP, the song is very introspective and melancholic.

11. What does the rest of 2018 have in store for the band?

After the departure of the rhythmic section of the band, at the moment we are searching for substitutes, trying to continue our journey and to finally present "Humanocide" live in all its powerfulness!

12. Do you have any last words?

At first we’d like thank you for the granted space and Spider Rock promotion for the support they’re giving us! We ask all your followers to give a chance to listen to Malet Grace and eventually contact us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, Instagram and the various Global Digital Stores ... We are everywhere. We conclude with the hope that our music can arouse interest, support but above all trust in a genre that is even more alive than ever. Let the metal eternally flow!

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