Varsovie is a rock/post punk band created in 2005, at Grenoble, by Arnault Destal (drummer, lyricist, musician, and arranger) and Grégory Catherina (singer, guitarist, musician).

Following the success of the band’s 2005 demo that earned it some concert dates in France, Varsovie released the EP 'Neuf Millimètres" in 2006 and began performing on the international scene. Among others, it performed on the stages of the Drop Dead Festival in Prague, the Crimson Night in Muenster and the Creeper Fest in Vilnius.

Early 2010, Varsovie released its first album "État Civil", with Infrastition Records, and recorded at Drudenhaus Studio (Britain). The band continued performing regularly across Europe; from Estonia to Italy, Romania to England, and released a noteworthy cover of Siekiera, an 80's emblematic band of the Polish post-punk era.

In the same perspective, still recorded at Drudenhaus studio, with Infrastition Records and Those Opposed Records, the band released its second album "L’Heure et la Trajectoire" in 2015. Now, the band has performed over a hundred times across European scenes – with no communication strategy other than ear to ear and organizers spontaneous requests.

Combining dark rock and post punk, still with French lyrics, on a nervous and melancholic trend, these nine new tracks keep personifying the dizziness of the time, through emblematic figures related to some historical or personal crisis that have been heavy with impact.

No message to communicate other than trying to give a meaning to life with the tools at hand.

The band will be releasing their new album "Coups Et Blessures" real soon with the first single and video of the title track, this spring come April. Check out a teaser of the track right HERE.

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