Room Me - Anaon

Room Me is the stage name of musician named Anne-Sophie Remy. She is a singer and French composer, having worked in numerous groups as a singer, chorus singer, bass player, violinist, and guitarist as well. Room Me is the name she choose to publish her music. She would go on to write and release two EP's "Dirty Hole" in 2013 with "To Late" following in 2015. Now sometime later the full-length album titled "Anaon", containing a single and video of one of the songs called "Memories", demonstrates the improvements and developments since Room Me's previous works seen the light of day. "Anaon", is quite the improvement overall to the last set of EP releases, as this release is more well grounded, matured, and well adjusted in terms of the quality of sound, and style overall.

Like "Memories", is one of the many tracks to take notice of, while others such as "The Encounter", "Happy Ending", and "My Death", are very much like "Memories", but perhaps more darker, enhancing a more in-depth feel of approach. Their context being rather gloomy yet eerie in their own accordance to both sound and style. In any case though, Room Me's style is very genuine and unique. As an act such as this one, just builds character with such uniqueness of ability, it makes for each of these tracks and the others off "Anaon", to be just well mannered material. It's how the material sounds very gloomy yet dark, the material is that, but also very upbeat and appealing to the ears, being very rock friendly, but staying true to the hard rock elements of the genre as well as goth and dark too. It's more or less an album that has a light and dark side when it comes down it.

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