Lillye's Virginia Talks About How to Evolve

Rockers known as LILLYE have just gotten signed with record label Eclipse Records and will be releasing their new album "Evolve" this summer come May 18th 2018! Frontwomen vocalist Virginia Lillye discusses the signing, new album, touring plans and more!

1. So did Virginia Lillye just decide, to take a part her name and use her last name Lillye as the band's name, or was Lillye decided even before anyone knew it was Virginia's last name in the first place?

Virginia: Haha.. no everyone knew that my last name was Lillye. Originally we went with the French pronunciation of Lillye, which is Lill yay, however over time people were confused so we went with pronouncing it like the flower. We like how it gives a contrasting effect to the music. And hey.. if Jon Bon Jovi can do it, why not?

2. Give me some history briefly about how Lillye came together and what music style they take on as a whole?

Virginia: Lillye began when I went into Christians (bass player) studio to record for another project. I was looking to start a new band and fortunately, so were Christian and guitarist, Matt. We started writing tunes and then Bennet (drummer) came on board. Our style of music is a melting pot of hard rock with melodic highs and charismatic diversity. We all have very different tastes in music so it was fascinating for us to entwine all of that into something we feel that has grit, power and most importantly, something that was unique.

3. How about the influencers, who do you look upon when creating your music?

Virginia: Our influencers range from Sevendust, Led Zeppelin, Skunk Anansie, Tool and many more. We all have such a diverse range of tastes in music so I guess we somehow zone into our own vibe and see what comes out of it.

4. What about lyrical context, what themes or topics strike a chord with you when writing the music and songs?

Virginia: Most of the time the music is written first and then I will add melodies and lyrics. The music generally directs emotions which could come from personal experiences or experiences from others, world events or life in general. Musically the tunes come from a varied array of events or again personal experiences.

5. Lillye has signed with Eclipse Records, tell me more about that?

Virginia: We had been in discussions with a few labels around the globe and after having several Skype sessions with Eclipse, we felt that they were best suited to what we wanted and where we felt we should be headed. Eclipse are a hard rock/metal label with great interest in supporting and nurturing artists and with that in mind, we signed with them.

6. "Who I'm Meant To Be", is taken from the self-titled EP released back in 2014, how does that release compare, contrast, and come into equality to "Evolve"?

Virginia: Our EP began as demos for us to grow us a band. What came from these demos proved to be more than just that for us as we were able to establish our own unique sound very quickly. Therefore recording it to be our tool to reach out and build a fan base. Our album is the next step. It solidifies who we are as a band and where we are going.

7. That self-titled EP from 2014 was your debut efforts in the form an EP. Now "Evolve", is the debut efforts in the form of an album, so how does it feel for these two debut efforts of yours to be under your belts and out of the way, like checked off the list?

Virginia: Our album will be released in May so it is not out of the way at all. It’s just the beginning! We are excited about the release and hope we can build further on the success that we already had. Our EP exceeded our expectations and we are thankful that it did as well as it has. We are very proud of what we have achieved so far.

8. Which tracks off "Evolve", can we expect to see or hear as far as singles and video releases?

Virginia: Our first single will be "RUN". The video for the single pays homage to a good friend and true fan of the band who sadly passed away too young. We are hoping to see at least 2 to 3 more singles pulled from the album after "RUN". As to what they are, you will have to wait and see.

9. Why go with an album titled "Evolve", how has Lillye evolved to you?

Virginia: We live in a society that is so caught up with living life through technology that we  as human beings are interacting less with one another in person. We need to remember who we are and whats around us to be able to evolve. There is also a relationship element to a lot of the songs in dealing with ending bad relationships and reclaiming your self worth. The elements of this album tap into how we have emotionally grown as people and musicians which has given the album a very strong and powerful result.

10. Can you describe how the album's artwork for "Evolve" looks and how it relates to the music and content of the album?

Virginia: I am quite proud to say that after a nudge from the boys in the band, I drew the album cover artwork. It expresses the beginning of time and the state of the world at the moment. It has an abstract feel to it with lots of movement representing progression.

11. What does the band plan on doing in the mean while?

Virginia: We have more videos to shoot and have a tour in the pipeline to promote the new album in our homeland. More writing is also churning out.

12. Have any messages to our readers out there?

Virginia: We are super excited about bringing the new album out this year, we obviously hope that you all like it and hope to meet you at a show somewhere soon. And remember to keep evolving and face all fears with strength and determination.\m/

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