Capital North's Jonathan Talks of the Sea to Sky in Great Detail!

Dynamic duo of the hard rock kind, Capital North have been hard at work upon what will be their debut EP "Sea To Sky". This release with current single "Glass Houses", is already causing quite the buzz from all over the place. Guitarist and backing vocalist Jonathan Farrar discusses the EP, the single, and everything else there needs to be said about the band as a whole!

1. Would you please introduce your band to our readers who are not aware of your band and music?

Jonathan: Hi all, this is Jonathan from Capital North. I play guitar and do backing vocals in the band. We a hard-rock/pre-hardcore band from Pasadena, CA and we have a new EP "Sea To Sky" set to release on March 2nd, 2018! You can check out our new music video for "Glass Houses" the first single off of the EP HERE!

2. Give us a little insight into the formation of the band. When and how did it happen?

Jonathan: Oh man, we could be here for a few days haha, but I will try to keep it brief! So… Capital North was born out of the ashes of our previous project, Lights In The Sky. Tony (vocals) and I (Jonathan), have been writing, playing, and touring for almost 9 years now. After our previous band ended, we both took some time off to peruse different things. Tony went on to graduate Culinary School and move to Portland, and I worked and saved up money as a barista and then traveled overseas for about a year. However, we both always had a yearning to get back to music, and we have always worked so well together, we decided to give it another shot, and here we are. :)

3. Can you walk us through the lyrics and their meaning when creating your songs?

Jonathan: I love this question! Although, again I think we might be here for a few days/pages if you really wanted me to open-up on each lyric… maybe we can save that one for another time ☺. For Sea To Sky we drew from a lot of experiences and struggles that we were going through during these few years. Our personal life experiences tend to inspire our lyrics most times as they really bring a genuine and strong vibe to the songs while also hitting close-to-home. One of my favorite lyrics from the album is from the track “Glass Houses”, which we just released a music video for (watch here). The lyric goes, “We’ve made mistakes, they led us to our graves… it keeps us afraid when we’re built just to break”. To me, the lyric goes to speak on how fragile we are physically, and also mentally or emotionally. This song deals with the theme of relationships of all types – with partners, with friends, with family, and even with the Earth. So, all in all, I think it speaks on the temporary state of humanity. Woah… that’s deep! In summary, we like to craft lyrics inspired by our own personal experiences that can also apply to anyone’s struggles… we always implore the listener to create or apply their own meanings for the lyrics as they relate to their lives.

4. Which bands/artists do you draw your influences from?

Jonathan: So many!! Tony and I both listen to a ton of different music and are always changing our tastes, as we tend to overplay things and search for more excitement! However, in speaking strictly of what influenced us while writing Sea To Sky, I would have to say: Periphery (currently playing as I write this!), Dance Gavin Dance, Eternity Forever, The Midnight, J. Cole, Croquet Club, Circa Survive, Chon, Polyphia, Portugal. The Man, and honestly, even some P.O.D. and Korn (haters gunna hate lol)! But again, our music tastes are always expanding and changing. For instance, lately I’ve really started getting into Mongolian Throat Singing… seriously, if you haven’t heard it, you need to, like NOW!

5. Why go with a name like Capital North for your band's name?

Jonathan: Our name was actually derived from my trip abroad when I visited Iceland. I traveled to a town in the north called Akureyri, which is otherwise known as “The Capital of the North”. This town, and honestly, Iceland in general, did something to me that I can’t explain – I guess the best way to say it is… I fell in love.  So when I was in Akureyri, (staying with a mussel farmer on an island of about 50 people) I started really feeling these vibes and strong energies, and it brought all of my attention back to music, and made me realize that I had to keep chasing it. In short, we chose the name because a “capital” is an integral person, place, or thing, and “north” is one direction to get there. To us, the name means getting back to what is important, in our case – music.

6. So tell me about your single turned video release of the track titled "Glass Houses"?

Jonathan: Ooooh I thought you’d never ask ☺ haha, JK! Well, where to begin… let’s see… “Glass Houses” initially began as a song about the inevitable destruction of the natural world by humankind (intense, I know), but it soon came to incorporate a lot of different themes, all centered around the topic of relationships. We had our friend Andrés (also a great band/musician) do a verse on the song, and it really made the track pop and tie in the aspect of partnerships. So, in looking to make a music video for the song, of course we only had one person in mind, Jesse Lynch (Alistair Hennessey/ our dearly beloved friend. We flew Jesse out to LA from Minnesota for a fun-filled, but also extremely taxing and sleepless weekend of filming. To be honest, we had a whole storyline and treatment and what not, but we had to sort of roll with the punches due to some setbacks and unforeseen events. Truthfully, this is to be expected in film production, and Jesse handled it like a bawsssss - love you dude! We really feel that this video is the best possible visible representation of the track, and that it contains so much of the meaning and themes of the song, in so many neat and crafty little ways. I would definitely say to watch it multiple times (not just for the YouTube views, although that is nice lol) but because you might pick-up on something you missed the first, second, or even third time around! It’s a real doozie. ;)

7. That track comes off your debut EP "Sea To Sky", why go with releasing a debut EP as opposed to a full-length?

Jonathan: Good question! We honestly had a few more songs on-hand that could have possibly come together to create a full-length, but we truly felt that these 6 tracks told the story that we wanted to tell. The songs are almost woven together in a way, not exactly linearly like a storyline, but more as a part of a theme, or rather, a life cycle from birth (Sea) to death (Sky). I think if we had the opportunity in the future it might be fun to do a re-release as a full-length. I guess we will just have to see what happens, eh!?

8. Give more details about this debut EP, was there stress behind it, did you get everything you wanted done with it, any stress or anything of that kind behind its creation?

Jonathan: I will have to check with legal before responding here haha! Just joking… but yes, in all seriousness, there was a TON of stress, and so many setbacks I do not even know where to begin. Honestly, probably every single thing that could have gone wrong during the last 2 years in the making, did. A lot of things that were out of our control, and quite frankly, a lot of things that we could have done a better job of handling. However, that is exactly what we love about music in a way – it’s not as simple as just "doing it". I think without all of the trials and tribulations that we had to endure, the end product would not even be half as sweet. Although, it is nice to live stress free and we do try to maintain a healthy, positive lifestyle as a band! It’s kind of funny to think about it now, Sea To Sky is an album about all of the things that we had experienced before writing, but came to incorporate and relate to our struggles during the process to a huge degree. We truly feel that all of the effort and struggle will be worth it to be able to share these songs with you <3 .="" p="">
9. Capital North is very promising going forward. Talking of your future, 5 years from now, where do you see yourself?

Jonathan: We’re just trying to make it to tomorrow haha! 5 years, so funny, it sounds so far away, but it’ll creep up so quick (2020 is gunna be LIT FAM 100). I wish I would have said something funny like “headlining Coachella” but honestly, that would be rad. Sorry… I’m going on a spiral here, back on topic! I think in 5 years we see Capital North growing and actualizing our current goals, dreams and aspirations, such as touring North America as well as overseas, and honestly just growing the CN family (yes, you are all fam). Of course, along with this, I would have to say writing, recording, and releasing a ton of new music, and doing things outside of our comfort zone, maybe making a remix album…who knows! It’s crazy to think how different each one of us will be in 5 years, from where we are now, and how that will ultimately influence and change our music and even our sound. We are always looking to grow and change, naturally, and we are so excited to have you all on this journey with us. Love ya!

10. What else would you like to get off your chests right here, right now!

Jonathan: I would just like to say, Ryan Gosling, get at us, we want to collab with you babygoose <3 2018="" 2nd="" a="" also="" and="" available="" be="" can="" check="" ea="" for="" friends="" href="" march="" music="" new="" on="" or="" our="" out="" please="" pre-order="" sky="" still="" t="" to="" video="" we="">HERE
! Love you all! <3 p="">

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