Grace Freeman - Oliver

Singer/song writer Grace Freeman released a new album this past spring time called "Shadow". Off said album comes a track called "Oliver", which happens to also be the opening number to this release. So what makes this track so superb as people are saying it to be for Miss Grace Freeman. Well it just so happens that "Oliver" is a folk tune that just makes sense.

The song itself follows the lyrics describing of a young male named Oliver, hence the track's namesake "Oliver". But besides the obvious name the song is likely about this male, and Grace, perhaps they dated, or were good friends and he's passed on or broke it off with her, it is really hard to tell when listening to the lyrics. It sounds as if Oliver is alive and well, but then at times it sounds as if he has passed on. But there is one thing that this song has which is sense, it discloses quite a bit actually.

Aside from the lyrics and the song's meaning to it. It's a folk track with takes the direction of acoustic crossed with electric. Having a soft melody presents, with soothing soft vocals, that brings the music full circle. It being a well rounded piece to hear again and again. It is one of those tracks you could hear being overplayed across a TV or movie scene, dealing with a teaching moment, or romantic moment.

It is really how this track plays out. It has this easy going melody with such soft flowing vocal chords, with light instrumental work, that it becomes a track you could enjoy more so than once. Grace's vocalization abilities, are superb quality, having such a powerful impact to the listener, and for the music being played as well. Her style brings to mind a lot of other similar acts currently trending these days, like for instance, Basia Bulat or Sara Watkins. While their style may be a bit more basic and modern, their style still falls along the same path as Grace Freeman's style, if not ever so slightly so say the least.

All in all thought for a track named after someone, like so many have been over the course of time, "Oliver" by Grace Freeman, is another hitter of a successor for the "Shadow" album it comes off of really. It is the perfect introduction, to the start of the album, giving you the right glimpse of exposure to Grace Freeman. Both as an artist, and individual, because she does have talent, it shows greatly right in this track, as well as the others off this album.

As it turns out, to be quite a delightful source of material, that any folk music fan can partake in hearing. If not perhaps some other music enthusiasts in need of something fresh and unique. Not much else to be had or said for her really, this is all that about covers it. No need to say nothing more nor nothing less.

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