Darkenhöld Releases New Album

French Black Metal band Darkenhöld released their fourth album "Memoria Sylvarum" on "Editions de la Vieille Tour Records". The album was mixed/mastered by Guillaume Vrac at his home studio.

Darkenhöld  was formed in 2008 at Nice, France by Aldebaran (former member of Artefact), Cervantes and Aboth (Continuum). After two split CD's and an appearance on a tribute to Emperor, the band released its first album, "A Passage to the Towers" in 2010. The second album "Echoes From The Stone Keeper" was released in 2012, and the third "Castellum" in 2014.

Check one of the songs off the album HERE. Pick up the album for purchase here - https://darkenhold.bandcamp.com/.

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