Altair - Descending A Devilish Comedy

Power metallers Altair have released quite the album that is called "Descending: A Devilish Comedy". A power metal release of sorts that would delight any metal fan alike. It is powerful, impressive, and downright fun! The instrumentals and vocal chords play off one another so well it is uncanny as to just how well it works out.

Vocalization wise and instrumentally speaks for themselves really. Vocals sound so crisp and clear, playing against the instruments, that are doing just a superb job. Everything works well, being fast, edgy, and progressive. It is as said before, really powerful and impressive really. It just all plays off so well, cannot express that enough. When it comes down to the songs such like "Limbo", "Godless", "Flame Of Knowledge", and "Frozen Graves". These selections are what make this album stand out the most.

For the most part, Altair as a whole and for this album, is just lots of fun. If you are into the theatrical scene then power metal is for you, Altair delivering just what you would expect. That is what
"Descending: A Devilish Comedy" is like an experience out of a theater, it is a band with an act to follow that shall not be missed!

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