Atman - Pretend

Atman is an artist of many talents. Not only an artist but is a writer, composer, producer, and an engineer. If that is not enough talent for you, then take his track "Pretend", off his last album release "Silent Hill". The 11 track album brings "Pretend" to the fore front of the album, it being the second track off the release. As it shows, Atman brings out his life as an hip hop, rap, r&b, soul, rap individual that really sticks. His style may sound like a lot of other artists within these genres, but his take is much more developed and exposed.

"Pretend", is more than just a track off another album, it is so much more than that. Really it is, the way Atman works his voice around the lyrical content of this song of his, is really impressive. His song being about being not able to pretend to be someone you are not. You can just be who you are and be accepted that way. It is not that hard it is as plain as it can get really.

Those lyrics really embracing the music for one thing. While the music portion of the track speaks for the lyrics, keeping a persist beat and tone going for it. It's like the song is giving out this tone of melody, that keeps its beat, from start to finish. It has a catchy rhythm and tone of pace, that keeps the song flowing you can feel your body tingling just to the sound of it.

Atman as an artist is different, which makes him so unique. He is able to craft together such creative lyrics, with music to back them up, that it really works well for him. He is a lot like that other artist making a big scene of himself currently Drake. Drake's style and Atman's style is a lot alike. Both artists coming from a life, where music was their calling card, they wanted to take their own lifestyles, bringing it out for all to witness through their music.

That is precisely what Atman has done right here with "Pretend". Not just this track but the album it comes off it as well "Silent Hill", as well as previous works before both of these even happened. Here you get an artist with such passion, creativity, emotion, it just all blends together with such feeling. You really cannot compete with his focus and appeal with his music making skills.

His skills being not just as an artist, writer, and composer, but producer and engineer as well. You can clearly hear it right here on this song, the production value being top notch quality. His voice and music just sounding so clear to the ear, it is hard to resist really. The engineering process came along really well, the song could not have been done any better than this.

When it comes down to it all Atman is one man. He has had a life in which he has spent telling all about through his music creation. "Pretend" off "Silent Hill" is a song with an album to accompany it, that will make the listener be pleased with its ending results no doubt about it.

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