Priyya's Brief Chit Chat about the Golden Child

Up and coming artist Priyya has released a new song turned single called "Golden Child". She took sometime to briefly discuss said single with us.

1. What type of artist are you?

Genre wise, I'm not limiting myself at all which I think will be clear when you hear the EP. I don't think anyone should be one "type" of artist in that sense

2. Now is Priyya your real name or your stage name you use as an artist?

Priyya is my real name, short for Priyanka, which means love because I am loved.

3. You have a new song and single called "Golden Child", is this song centered on a particular child or nothing like that.

Haha the title is actually inspired by the Eddie Murphy film The Golden Child!

4. Why did you want this song the "Golden Child" to be the one song to be released as a new song and one to be shown to everyone out there, what is it about this song that makes it stand out for you.

This song in particular started out as a short interlude for the record but it ended up growing over time into a full song. It was also one of the first songs that I recorded Nepali lyrics over so that made it extra special.

5. What inspires you to do what you do?

Barbeque Chips and the people I love.

6. What advice would you give to fellow musicians?

Commit, be fearless, be willing to work an inhumane amount of hours and somehow still find it more rewarding than anything else in the world.

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