Misery Loves Company, consisting of Jimmy Ruggiero, Mike Williams, Joe Mascio JR, and Anthony Caggiano, are a Post-Emo band from South Jersey. Today they are thrilled to announce they've signed with Revival Recordings, home to music groups; Alesana, Famous Last Words, and The Funeral Portrait and announce Love Notes and Highways, a brand new LP out 3/17/17. 2017 will be a big year for the Post-Emo clan with a full album on the horizon and a brand new single/music video, "Dead and Buried" out today. Misery Loves Company has exclusively partnered with Upset Magazine to unveil the Tim Burton inspired track. The band had this to say about the new song:

"With this song we wanted to romanticize with death and the afterworld. It's basically if Romeo and Juliet was directed by Tim Burton in a nutshell. The characters in the song essentially love each other so much that they both would rather die together than be alone without the other. We wanted to write a radio friendly song that was just dark as possible. The song structure is almost as if it's a pop top 100 song but with dark minor key melodies, involved with some morbid and heavy lyrics of love loss, and regrowth."

Love Notes and Highways is a continued theme stemming from their love of all things horror and film. The band embraces the dark and mysterious while simultaneously bringing positive messages to their fans. Lead singer Jimmy Ruggiero expanded: "This album is a collection of stories from the past three years of my life. Each one details the problems I faced while having to let go of a toxic relationship I was in and how in the wake of disaster and chaos I found hope and peace."

Continuing, the group hones in on powerful subjects like mental illness, relationship issues, and self-hardship to create a safe environment for listeners to rally behind.  Aiming to write and play for the outcasts and loners, the group wants to instill a sense of hope for their listeners and want them to realize they are not alone.  As most of the band members suffer from chronic depression or anxiety, lead vocalist Jimmy Ruggiero explains, "So many bands these days forget or are ashamed of their roots but we wear ours on our sleeve."

Check it out the new song turned video right HERE.

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