A Breach of Silence's Matt says That the Band Have No Secrets to Tell Or Do They?

Australians A Breach Of Silence have been busy as of late, writing and recording for what will be the band's third full-length album "Secrets". Releasing a few singles as it were "Broken" and "Falling Away" with more on the way. Guitarist Mat Cosgrove discusses those singles, the new album, and plans to do quite a bit of touring, from here to there.

1. Who are you and what role do you have in the band?

Matt: My role in the band is guitarist.

2. It has been 3 years, since last speaking with you guys, tell me what has the band been up too between then and now?

Matt: For the past 3 years we have been mainly touring and working the band around Australia and NZ.   We did tour USA in 2014 which was awesome and plan is to head back there this year.

3. You guys have been signed with Eclipse Records for the past few years, so the relationship with them has been good then? Do you see being with them for the long haul or could changes be happening?

Matt: We love Chris at Eclipse.  He loves the band.  And nothing better then working with someone then loves your band as much as you do.  IN regards to being with Eclipse for the long haul?  Well that just depends on what happens.  Chris and the band members are all for the careers and longevity of the band.  So if that means up selling us to other labels or sending us across to other labels to enhance the band with more opportunities then that is what would happen.  But currently Chris has everything that we need.  It’s just a matter of working with booking agents and managers for tours and supports to grow the brand and product around the world J.

4. You have released your debut as well as your sophomore albums through these guys and will be releasing your third full-length titled "Secrets". What comes to mind when hearing that you will be on your third full-length album to date since starting out way back when.

Matt: A lot of hard work comes to mind haha.  But mainly the evolution and the growth of the band through each record comes to mind.  It is getting more mature and I think our fans and the industry will hear that when listening back through each album.   Any album is a very difficult thing to write and then push into the market.   So a lot of fond memories of doing that also come to mind.  Its all about persistence and just doing this because you love doing it.  The day you don’t will be the day we stop.

5. This album is titled "Secrets" so what are the secrets encircling this album?

Matt: The big secret encircling this album? Is only allow people on the same wavelength as you.  Don’t let negativity destroy what you are trying to accomplish.  Those people should focus on themselves before trying to make people how they feel.  Always be proud of what you do no matter what, listen and learn from those who you trust and then live the experience and grow from it J.

6. "Secrets" went back with working together again with both Fredrick Nordstrom as well as Henrik Udd, what is it about these two that has you guys coming back for more time and time again?

Matt: Well we like their work ethic, there sound, there honesty and it gives a realist view on how the songs should be or sound. Plus we are friends and it a great month or so doing the album with them.  Plus at worst our album sounds amazing every time its finished being mixed and mastered thanks to them.  I have to mention how much we have learnt during this process as well.

7. You went and released the first single turned video for the song called "Falling Away" why was this song picked out to be made into said single turned video.

Matt: This song was picked because we wanted to let people know about the message of the song.   Plus the song was a little different to what we have done in the past.   It was catchy and different. So we thought why not.  Lets give it a burn J.

8. Which other tracks off "Secrets" do you think will be made into the next singles or videos?

Matt: Well at this stage it will be Broken, Secrets (self titled track) and Sugar and Spice.

9. In our last interview, you said that there was a character you made up called the "Night Rider" who was included in the story telling on the first and second album. Do we see him included on this third release "Secrets" in any shape or form?

Matt: No he hasn’t been included in the 3rd release.  He is retired at the moment.  But could make an appearance in the future.   We just wanted to try something else out and see what happens.  A calculated risk one could say.

10. What can be said about "Secrets" that has already been said about it?

Matt: It’s an album that shows the band has evolved from previous two releases.  The sound has evolved but its still A Breach Of Silence.   We write stuff that we like first.  The album needs a few listens.  Its strange to say that.  It really really grows on you, and I think because it does that, its an album that will be in your playlist a long time.   I think its because of the evolved sound and what you are and aren’t expecting from us.  It might take time for someone to pick up what we are putting down.  I mean it makes it more interesting and fun experiencing music like that as well I think.  There are tracks that will certainly catch people straight away and they will embrace.  Its an exciting time for us as a band with this release.

11. How about playing shows and touring, what do you guys have in mind?

Matt: USA, Europe and Australia is on the cards.  Even some of Asia.  We will just take it as the opportunities arise J.

12. What else can we expect to see from you guys for this year?

Matt: We may even release another single not included in the album later in the year.  It just depends on our schedule.  There will be plenty of shows and hopefully lots of support behind the album so we can play in your town or city.

13. Anything else you'd like to say or want to add on?

Matt: We want to thank all of the industry that has supported the band, all of the fans that have stuck behind us and watched us grow.   Its been an amazing journey so far,  and we still love doing this,  so thank you !!!

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