Zerozonic - Self-Titled

Groove metal is a hit or miss on my part, it has its moments depending on the band in question. The band here is one called Zerozonic, with their self-titled album, that was just released not that long ago. So they present to you their Valentine's Day gift, of sorts, if you will, an album that is as said, groove metal. Which was the genre of choice, they decided to go with for themselves and this album.

The album itself, is as mentioned, a self-titled release, and consists of 9-tracks, and it has its own variation of uniqueness to it, as well as instrumentals and vocal chords as well. The instrumentals on the numerous tracks presented, are heavy with fast energy, while others it's heavy but mellow, with the vocal chords, changing on each of the tracks. Like for instance "Instrumentalis", is purely instrumental, no vocal chords, whatsoever, so that's quite an interesting take, and it presents the bands real abilities as musicians. You can hear the craft that they have created here, and how they go forth with it, and this is a solid track that you can enjoy listening too, even without vocal chords present.

Other noted tracks would be "Get Me Back", "I Walk Away", "It Never Dies", and "The Other Kind".
These song selections again present some heavy duty instrumental work, with the vocal chords on top of it, floating atop of it, if you will. The two combined together though, make the music that more solid working, having the music really build itself. It's like the music sounds as if it will get heavier but it's just really sounding the exact same way, throughout this album.

Zerozonic's self-titled album is solid as said before, and it is a well rounded as well as crafted release, that surely any metalhead or not, will likely get into it, from the opening number, to the closing number. The capture the essence of metal that all can relate too and really enjoy in.

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