Bongo Boy Records Presents Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show "SuperPower"

Bongo Boy Records is at it again, being produced by Bongo Boy TV, episode 3 of season 6, the Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show, is keep the artists coming. This episodes consists of such acts as Anana Kaye, EMELINE, Tyler Colt, Waheed Ahmad, Jeff Rosenstock, SPiN and Tasha Michelle. The promo spot for the TV show comes for Out Of The Garage Volume three via Bongo Boy Records of course. Any who, the introduction voice over personal, introduces us to Anana Kaye, with her track "Carolina". The video and track itself, is pretty basic, pop music with a bit of flare of the rock aspect, but just a tiny bit. Next up comes an artist by the name of RI Emeline with her track video and track called "Angel", this song being a lot like the artist before her, Anana Kaye. Except RI Emeline's style is more easy going, has that particular tone that just directs the music to be, entertaining and mellow, very easy to listen too.

Next up comes an artist by the name of Tyler Colt with the song turned video for "Come Home", the song being written by Tyler Colt of course, as well as Jerod Farnes. "Come Home" though is a very in-depth song and video, that really captures the emotions, and draws in the listener. It's one of those songs and videos that has you stop and think, but it is still fun and really enjoyable as well. Waheed Ahmad is up next with his song and video called "BOOM!" title is a bit out there, but the song and video for it, is just out there. It takes a whole another turn going down the rap, hip hop approach, having Waheed Ahmad be not that bad. The music is decent enough with a catchy beat to say the least and surely some can take it and go with it.

Jeff Rosenstock's "Pash Rash", as well as Spin's "Dig Your Own Grave", go hand in hand with one another, each having its own source material. Each track and its accompanying artist is catchy, upbeat, and very energetic keeping the music really flowing from start to finish. Surely they both have got a style that keeps you nodding your head to their beats, that's what keeps the music so alive, if you listen in to their musical approach and what creativity they produce.

Last up comes Tasha Michelle's "Letter Of Appreciation" her song and video are just interesting. The style that she creates sort of returns to what Wahdeed Ahmad was doing with his song "BOOM!". The track was interesting, but catchy and upbeat, but maintain that rap, hip hop sense, that kept the music flowing but easy going. Tasha Michelle's style is sort of the same way except it's more soul food type of tone. Having that same feeling but it goes in another direction, creating its own type and feel, if you will, that makes it more interesting.

Wrapping up the episode, Bongo Records keeps the word coming with its current releases and other acts that have things out there. The artists presented really fall in-between a lot of the acts on this episode. They are all creative, well crafted, and have something going that is interesting, and rather catchy, on its own. The next episode will perhaps have even more acts that really stand out, than these acts did. Only time will tell for certain though.

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