William Control - The Black

Wil Francis known by many of this namesake, is continuing his William Control project, going on almost 10 years now. That being said, an extensive catalog of material has seen the light of day, including most recent being the fifth full-length album titled "Revelations". This album is not being released in a tradtional format, but is being divided into four EP's the first one being released already "The Pale". The second EP is "The Black" with the third and fourth EP's to follow soon enough.

In any case the second EP in this "Revelations" series, titled "The Black", consists of 4-tracks, this EP being a lot like the first EP "The Pale". Except a continuation, because both releases do sound a lot alike. William Control's style being that of a gothic, industrial, mash-up of The Smiths meets Depeche Mode, with the added flare of Black Veil Bride's frontman's newest project Andy Black. You get the formula of all of that, right here on this EP that is "The Black".

The EP itself goes rather quickly, as soon as the opening number hits "Analog Flesh" the ending number is soon playing "Velvet Rose". The middle portion of the EP being crossed over, as not even being noticeable when listening through this EP, no matter how many times heard. It's not a bad thing, as each of these songs, the intro and outro being quite good, while the middle portions are decent enough. When listening to any of William Control's music in this project of his, you get just that, you get WiL Francis' style and ability as a musician. You just know instantly that this is indeed him and his style just brings out an essence of pride and passion throughout.

"The Black" EP in the "Revelations" series is a decent and direct follow-up of sorts, that will surely continue and wrap-up, to be an album that is just like his previous content, except more emotional than before.

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