Sepultura's Andreas Loves the Haters and Lovers and Thanks for their Support

Thirty years have come and gone, for Brazilian heavy metal weights Sepultura! But through it all, nothing has stopped these guys from doing what they love to do, create music, with new material already a work in progress and due out next year! As of right now, the band is touring as a part of their thirty years together, with further plans of touring and show playing to follow through of course! Guitarist Andreas Kisser discusses this current tour, the band's past and the future.

1. First of all, who are you, and what do you do in the band?

Andreas:  My name is Andreas Kisser and I am the guitar player.

2. If you wouldn't mind telling me the story as to how and why you got the name, Sepultura?

Andreas: Sepultura started in 1984-85 in Brazil, Max and Igor Cavalera are brothers, they had started very early listening to heavy music and stuff. One of our favorite bands was Motorhead, they had translated one of their songs "Dancing On Your Grave", and the word "Grave" means Sepultura in Portuguese. For some reason they liked the name, I mean it's related to heavy topics and it stayed that way, I remember when I had joined the band in 1987, we had thought about changing the name to something more, Anglo American whatever, but the band was already starting to be known, the name itself was something actually exotic outside of Brazil, that helped promote the band outside of Brazil.

3. You decided to do something in celebration of your 30 year existence, what comes to mind?

Andreas: It's crazy really with great memories really. It's a beautiful history that we have coming from Brazil, going to so many different places, playing 73 countries in that 30 years, we had only dreamt of playing only in Europe or the States ya know? We did do all of that and it's great to be here with a great album, great strong line-up, touring, being healthy and stuff, it's cool and we're very proud of our history. Ya know we have had ups and downs like any artist I guess, but we feel great it's really good to still be here doing this after all this time.

4. Why did you think that now would be the time to do this type of celebration, will this be the only tour in celebration for the 30 year mark or will you be doing further shows and tours to keep the celebration going?

Andreas: It's an important number ya know? I don't know I remember The Rolling Stones celebrating their 40, 50, years together, they are just round numbers. When you do something like this, you stop, then go back, because you do so many different things with their families, friends, you reach a mark like this one, where you talk to yourself all of the good and bad stuff. Remembering stuff you think about and it's healthy it's like you turn the page and another chapter starting and uniting the band a little more. It's why we're here it's a privilege.

5. To go along with this celebration is your thirteenth album "The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart" which you are more than excited to perform live, why is that, why is this album the album that you guys are most excited to play and say is your strongest to date?

Andreas: I don't know, every album we have done is special. Every album we feel that way.  We work so much for months, writing the material, arrangements, lyrics, then go to the studio, all of the details done there, we just love what we do and is pleasure as well. Everything we do to be on stage, the music has meaning on stage, we do the album as product thing, but the music is live, yes every night we play the same songs that we do, but every night is different. Every night something else goes on, every night we play the old material and new material that we can't wait to play that new special show.

6. As far as this tour goes it's only a 5 week run, that's not very long, why do a mini tour for this trek?

Andreas: 5 weeks is a long time, the U.S. is a big country, we try to hit the main cities, it takes time to travel  and we can't spent too much time here. Last year we were in Europe touring on this album and now this year we are here and then going back to Europe and other places as well. It's great to have this possibility to not only be in one place, being able to go everywhere. We have families that we have to go home too and try to avoid not being in one place for too long.

7. Do you have any surprises in-store for this tour, what can the fans expect to see or perhaps hear?

Andreas: It started off great. We had done the Rock In Rio Las Vegas 2015, with Steve Vai as our guest which was great. Then just started this package and it's been great. Expectations are good so it could be great!

8. Now you get this a lot but will the original line-up ever see the light of day, if not even for one showcase? Wouldn't you want to do something just to shut everyone up about it?

Andreas: That's never going to happen. But I don't think so, we are very different people in different worlds nowadays, everyone doing something different. It's something really delicate to talk about but from a business point of view it may be something interesting. I'm not a whole ya know? I am not here for the money, like I said I have a family and have to do what I really feel and I can't be a slave of myself and can't cheat the fans that's totally fake on stage. I don't think about that, we are very busy and focused with stuff now. Respecting our past but building a future, I don't like to step backwards only forwards.

9. IF something along those lines were to ever happen, would you consider bringing along the other side projects other members have going like the Cavalera brothers have Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy, Killer Be Killed, and even Cavalera's stepson's band Incite, all together for a show or even a tour?

Andreas: That would be great! I know Yes did a reunion like that had a blast. I think it would be great but don't think it will happen. Too many politics and egos to get in the way, but that is an idea I won't be opposed too.

10. You guys have an extensive catalog of release but a lot of acts have been branching out into the acoustic aspect, will we ever see you guys take your tunes into that direction?

Andreas: I hope so. We did a little bit in Brazil, small presentations for TV out there and we do have some songs adapted in acoustic. We also have some instrumental stuff we can work into in the future.

11. It's been ten years since we last saw a live DVD from you guys but you did release a live album but will we be seeing a new live DVD in the works?

Andreas: No not really. There is a possibility that we may release another live DVD from the Rock In Rio, where we played in a different place and stage. On this DVD we had a special guest this pop artist where we did this mixture of their songs in our style it was great. This is only a possibility that may happen next year. I don't think we have anything planned live besides that for now.

12. What do you have planned for the rest of this year?

Andreas: Of course touring for this North American tour until mid-June. Then we have two important shows in Brazil, Saint Paulo and Rio also in June. Then we go to Europe we have Bloodstock Festival, Wacken Festival, Brutal Assault Festival, plus many other dates. We would like to do more extensive touring in Brazil in October. We have a show with Slipknot at the end of September in Chile. Maybe a Scandinavian tour in November to close out the year. Then start thinking about a new album, we already have started writing stuff here and there but a new album is coming next year!

13. Do you have any last words for fans out there?

Andreas: Just a BIG thank you for all of the support these past 30 years. We feel great to be here and be a part of Sepultura, have such dedicated fans ya know? Lovers and hates alike. We love you all!

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