Jace Pawlak - Perspective

Jace Pawlak says "Like most writers, I just want to be heard." That is precisely what can be heard upon his new release "Perspective" it's a more stripped down and in-depth deeper look into his musical career and passion for music itself. Speaking of music, this release is filled with a mixture of genres ranging from melodic rock to acoustic, ballads, jazz influenced material to everything else in-between. When it comes down to it this release with Jace as vocalist brings to mind that of another gentlemen by the name of Gavin DeGraw. If you're familiar with his work that is what you get with Jace Pawlak. Now while Jace Pawlak has more flare for a country rock back set-up and Gavin DeGraw has that more upbeat pop rock sensation, both of these gents bring on that specialty of music and tunes for all to enjoy. For example on such tracks like "What If We Were Wrong", "Don't Talk To Me", and "The Unknown", resembles to that of Gavin DeGraw's such hits like "Chariot", "I Don't Want to Be", and "Solider". If you are into those upbeat tones with impressive lyrical context then this is it. Jace Pawlak provides his own style and flare for the music and while he does take on some similarities here and there, he's able to stand upon what he creates and it's quality material nevertheless.

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