Coal Chamber's Dez Can Sure Get In Your Head

Coal Chmaber an act best known in the 90's had done their course of show playing, touring, releasing music then things came to a stand still for them. After some time the guys began discussing about coming back in which they did, doing an array of shows, touring, that would lead to them releasing their fourth album "Rivals". Frontman vocalist Dez discusses about his time with Coal Chamber as well as his time with his other band DevilDriver and what the future holds for both acts!

1. How have the audiences been reacting towards your guys return?

Dez: The audiences have been incredible and the shows have been amazing. It's great to see the demographic of the people coming out, because our audiences are fairly young, I'd say about 70% are under 20 years old, which is incredible for us being gone for 13 years, starting out back in the 90's it's been a great ride so far, and that's why we wanted to do a record, we had a fun time touring and doing shows that we wanted to go further with it.

2. Why do you think bands tend to do this sort of thing, where they form, then go away then come back then go away again just to come back again?

Dez: I can only speak for Coal Chamber, we broke up for all sorts of reasons.  At the top of our game with records etc. The magic just wasn't there anymore so we broke up then in 2006/2009 we started talking again, then toured in 2012 and 2013, then decided from there that the communication was all reformed after having fun, so let's go and do a record!

3. When did you decide on bringing Coal Chamber back, like was it while you were doing stuff with DevilDriver or during your own time or were you just thinking about it to yourself and were like "I know something, you don't know and I'm not telling!"

Dez: Well communication about us started to form about us doing some tours and we did do some very short runs in Coal Chamber, and that was fun, the audiences were great, responses were fantastic. I had done 12 years, 6 records with DevilDriver, our last sixth record coming out on top, from there I looked and said, it's been 20 years, since I haven't taken any time off so I am taking some time off to spend with my family. Then  I also have a studio here where I can record at and Coal Chamber had hit me up saying look, you can be home, we can record, do a few tours around the record before you get back on with DevilDriver, what do you think? So all of that coming together just showed its face and the timing just worked out.

4. Would you mind telling me the story as to why your band got the name Coal Chamber, does it actually mean coal inside a chamber?

Dez: I don't remember who it was but one of us liked the word coal and one of us liked the word chamber, we wrote them down, saw them next to each other and were like okay that's the name!

5. Who are the "Rivals" on this new album?

Dez: Ya know, "Rivals" it's more about the artwork with the word rivals being scratched out. Rivals can be your dinner demons, inner self, external factors that are negative influences that have to go. If you listen to the lyrics on this record it's about expelling demons, getting rid of those negative influences in your life.

6. How did you guys choose who you wanted to have as guest vocals on the new album?

Dez: I knew Al Jourgensen of Ministry for a long time, I think he understands all sides of this band and how dark we can be. We can listen to The Cure, The Damned and also listen to punk rock stuff, and heavy metal stuff, so I think he understands all of those things, and was just the perfect guy to do it. Having him come to the house, have dinner, then go into my studio to record was an amazing thing to witness and I am honored that he was a guest on the record.

7. Did you get the album you wanted? Or was there anything leftover?

Dez: No some of the leftover stuff we did have it was leftover for a reason. Anything leftover will not be released.

8. Will we ever be seeing Coal Chamber and DevilDriver touring or playing a show together?

Dez: It will never happen. Two different animals completely. It's 2 sides of me of course, but I don't think those 2 sides will go well together.

9. What do you guys have planned for the rest of this year into next year?

Dez: We just got back from Monsters Of Rock that was incredible, now we are home for another week then go over to Europe. After Europe we come home, then have a U.S. tour in late July/August. After that taking some time off in the fall to start recording for the new DevilDriver record for a release next year.

10. Happy lucky 13 years for DevilDriver for 2015! Is that why you decided to write new tunes or that wasn't the case?

Dez: I didn't notice, in actuality for us most bands take a year off per record and we didn't we work hard as a band. In 12 years, we released 6 years, and I think it was just time to take time off, it was just by conscience that I was taking time off that Coal Chamber wanted me to record. As long as I can have dinner here with my family and record at the same time it's kinda like me being home anyway.

11. Will DevilDriver ever release their material in acoustic format?

Dez: DevilDriver and Coal Chamber will never be going acoustic. It's never going to happen.

12. What about performing any of your releases in their entirety?

Dez: I definitely would like to do that with both bands, DevilDriver and Coal Chamber. I would definitely like to play "Rivals" front to back and DevilDriver has a few albums to do that with as well. So if the opportunity arises we will see what happens.

13. Speaking of releases, you guys have yet to release a live album or live DVD, anything like that in the works?

Dez: Ya know, here's the thing, if you really want to check any stuff out we have so much DVD footage on numerous records, that you can get into our heads, by checking out all of that stuff. You also have to have the label on board as well, so later on down the road we'll see what happens in the future with that stuff with DevilDriver or Coal Chamber.

14. What plans do DevilDriver have in-store?

Dez: Well Coal Chamber is on a cycle right now, so one thing I do want to do with DevilDriver is record before this year is out. Making sure that this record is the best it can be, writing constantly, then finish out the Coal Chamber cycle.

15. Is there anything else you want to say to wrap this up?

Dez: Thank you for the support from everyone. I have been in this for a long time, all thank you to whoever has supported me and if you are just finding out, go check out a DevilDriver or Coal Chamber record and see how you feel.

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