White Pulp and Davey Suicide Embrace the Underground Scene

Rock industrialists White Pulp created, founded, the whole efforts put in were behind Sonny Lanegan played a showcase at one of Hollywood's infamous, goth clubs in the underground scene known as Bar Sinister! Held on May 16th 2015 on a Saturday evening like every Saturday this club holds its festivities and events, were White Pulp and Davey Suicide playing a set each. Both acts doing a fine job to boot.

In any case, the band White Pulp were first up getting the crowd witnessing them entertained and pumped! Playing a mixture of the old and new material, while even tossing out a few copies of their first album, they had laying around into the crowd of eager listeners. This lead to the band playing about a 5-10 song setlist, consisting of such said old and new songs, including some of which will be included on an upcoming new album, due out soon! As it were, the band themselves put on a good live set, they were very energetic, dancing in place from time to time, to just grooving to the beats of the tunes being portrayed. The band looked and felt like they were into the music that they created and so was the crowd at hand. All in all White Pulp was an act that was interesting and one to follow up on, for further activities as far as their music is concerned both live and musically.

White Pulp:

1. Intro
2. Pretty Stars
3. White Dope
4. Malediction
5. Black Velvet Heart
6. Blackout
7. Tastes Like Candy
8. Psychosomatic
9. Run Into

Now for Davey Suicide these guys had said it had been their day off for one thing, as well as it had been 3 years since they had last played Bar Sinister. So having them back was something else. Me having seen them perform a few years ago, their show presents there wasn't all that great as it was here. This time their show had gotten much better. Improvement on their style, presents, and performance, they were very upbeat, interacting with the crowd, fist pumping, headbanging, just really showing that they were happy to be there and doing the thing that they do best when it comes to music.

Davey Suicide:

The crowd was very into them, really doing all they could do, whether it'd be metal horns, fists in the air, to lights flaring up, everyone there was impressed by these guys performance and gladly made it known with their cat calls and screams of delightfulness. As far as their setlist goes, they too mixed things up with the old meets the new including such songs as "Generation Fuck Star", "Kids Of America", "Hustler Queen", "God Head Killers", "Unholywood Killafornia", and "Dirty Rotten Filthy Rich", just to name a few that got the crowd really raging and entertained!

All in all both acts and the Bar Sinister gothic club was an interesting place to hang. Their set up being creative and expressive, to the point it allows an array of entertainment options; ranging from a large dance hall, down to the small stage setup for the bands to play on, this place is the perfect spot for those wanting that nightly fix.

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