Underworld Fifth in the Series Continues with a Twist

According to Bloody-Disgusting.com the next and fifth in the Underworld series starring Kate Beckingsale and Scott Speedman will indeed be continuing but not as you may think or have hoped. The romance between the two in the second film Underworld Evolution (2006) lead to them having a child known as Subject 2 or Eve in Underworld Awakening (2012).

Can you already guess where this is going? Well Bloody Disgusting reports that they've learned Screen Gems is actively developing a fifth installment in the series, tentatively titled Underworld: Next Generation. Though no plot details have been revealed, the title certainly implies that Eve will be the main protagonist of the film, but we can only speculate at this point in time.

Len Wiseman will produce, and the studio is currently seeking a writer and director. Kate Beckinsale is not yet officially attached, though that could of course change as the project inches its way closer to reality. Again, since a director and writer have yet to be assigned, things could change. But in the early stages of development, this is where the studio hopes to take the franchise come 2015.

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