Kittie Celebrates 20 Years Together with DVD and a Book!

Canadian metallers Kittie who have been here for the passed 20 years had been keeping fans in suspense on what their BIG announcement was going to be n March 29, 2014. Posting various things via the band's Facebook page well today is the day and the announcement comes in terms of a campaign with help by the fans to create a documentary DVD and biography book. Kittie will take all the passed footage of various events, concerts, backstage, studio time, and more combine it together into this mega DVD and book with special bonus's to the fans who contribute donations getting special gifts in return. Along with these releases the band will re-release their whole discography re-mastering and remixing as well as releasing unreleased songs.  Check out the video for the campaign HERE and donate towards the campaign HERE. The fans who were hoping and expecting for these girls to create a tour based on their 20 year span with current and previous members MAY happen but it's un-telling at this point and time.

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