Rise To Remains' Austin Dickinson Secretive Interview

London, England's metal act Rise To Remain released their debut album "City Of Vultures" going on the road soon after. Now that some time has passed they are in the studio writing and recording for the follow-up with a lot to say which can't be said. Frontman vocalist Austin Dickinson son of Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden - discussed the process of how the album is coming along with what he was able to say with other stuff kept under wraps.

1. Halide was your starting name then you decided to change it to Rise To Remain. Why do you have to Rise To Remain?

Austin: We just decided to change it because the name didn't make much sense. So we needed to take things seriously and started by changing the name.

2. A lot of bands tend to stick to a particular theme or topics when it comes to writing the lyrics for their releases. Do you guys have a preference that you use again and again or does it change for each release?

Austin: I think they change album to album. The first release and album were very different and expand a lot of topics and takes our minds off things. We're always changing things to keep everything fresh.

3. In an interview you said that it's "Kinda hard to pinpoint influences when we tend to ignore what's going on and write what we like." Why did you think that this approach was the right way to go when it comes down to influencing you guys and inspiration what you want to do?

Austin: I think we tend to have a chemistry and bounce off each other a lot. Pin pointing where a riff or style or the lyrics came from is hard to say so we just go for an in the spirit moment by just creating stuff because we enjoy it.

4. Why did you want your new single of "Over And Over" to be available as a "free" download? Why was this song going to be the first leading single off the new album?

Austin: We wanted to put it out because it has equal balance of our original stuff. It's a good indicator of who we are and I wanted people to hear it and know that we're coming out with a new record. Just to have this single blasting it out whenever they like, we wanted to give it as a gift.

5. You describe the song "Over And Over" lyrically as an "ongoing cycle of battling to remain yourself" why do you think this battle is so important for people to fight?
Austin: I think it's important to be who you are and I think we're being ourselves with this song and the new record.

6. Why is this single a pre-release "special one-off" version and how will the revised version be different?

Austin: We recorded this on the fly due to recording the album at the moment and wanted people to check it out. So the album is going to sound different.

7. Do you plan to release "Over And Over" acoustically? Would you guys consider releasing an all acoustic EP or full-length album?

Austin: Yeah we have a video recording version and we'll put that out soon and a different side of the song. We would never write it off but there aren't any plans to do it right now.

8. How many of the new songs will you be playing at your showcase at the Borderline in London, England?

Austin: We're going to be doing 2 brand new one's not giving too much. It's going to surprise and give our fans what they want and open a lot of doors. Just get the wheels going and tour so they can hear even more.

9. Where are you in the recording process of the new album?

Austin: We're still in the early stages so we shouldn't be to long. Everything is written which is important.

10. Do you have an title, the album artwork, whether or not it will be a concept, how many songs, who will produce, create the artwork, picked out? Can you give any details to any of that?

Austin: We got the ideas and the title and artwork. This is the most exciting part of the album I think. But there is nothing final yet.

11. What’s the day like for you, when in the studio?

Austin: We're start at 10 or 11 and finish off around 9 it's beyond the regular hours and say sane, getting enough sleep.

12. How would you say the new album compares to your previous records?

Austin: The songs are more in their element. The screams are bigger and just a bigger picture for this band. The whole thing sounds bigger and better!

13. Are there going to be any surprises or collaborations on the album?

Austin: I can't say.

14. Have you used any new instrumentation you've never used in the recording process before?

Austin: We don't really plan ahead but have a couple of things like strings, everything is mapped out and using what we know pushing the boundaries so who knows.

15. When can we expect the new album to be released?

Austin: I can't really say but sometime this year.

16. What more is there to say and do for you guys for this year?

Austin: That's the other thing, I can't say that either. Thank you for listening and see ya soon.

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