Far Away Stable - Atlantis

Far Away Stable's EP "Atlantis" is a follow-up to 2012's EP "Behind the Bookcase" except this time around this EP is slightly different. It's more aggressive with tracks like "Understanding The Depths", "In My Head", and "Hellish Conditions", all express that Saosin crossover with Chiodos and Silverstein. While the other songs are softer and less aggressive aiming towards being ballad types than anything else. The instrumentals and vocals are in place with one another, making everything work full circle which is good. The guitars have those easy going yet catchy riffs and solos while the rest of the instruments keep up allowing the vocals to align the top of everything filling in just making it all sound grand and great. Far Away Stable have been doing their thing for a few years now, and it's likely to continue making a staple into the scene ever so further.

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