Feint Scars - Think What You Like. Say What You Want.

Either way you look at it Feint Scars is a duo act who have written and recorded material their debut full-length entitled "Think What You Like. Say What You Want". This release going through the back lash of what most, if not some or all people deal with nowadays of love, loss, depression, addiction to drugs, drinking, smoking, all blurred together into a summary of genres of melodic, eletropop, with alternative dark rock n' roll roots that truly makes your head spin.

"Lowlight", "Chemical Train", "Don't Disappear", "The Drowning", "I Don't Mind" and "Giving Up", may be quite a bit to enlist but these songs are really what entail what these topics discuss whether it'd be their titles or the lyrical context within, you can just feel the emotion these guys are releasing. The instrumentals do their parts going right along with that emotional context, having that same sense of emotion and appeal it keeps the music alive and easy listening. While the vocal chords do the same effect except more of a embracing thing, that just lets your body take it all in, really being engulfed by the music all at once if that makes sense.

Feint Scar's debut "Think What You Like. Say What You Want". is indeed that these guys do have stuff to say and do what they think with it, it makes them another one of those acts that will be one you will not forget, but always remember because of their uniqueness and talent.

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