Nostalghia - Chrysalis

"Cool For Chaos" was the one song that struck me the wrong way while listening to it. The eerie high pitched screams would make my stomach cringe as the song played through but it was a good cringing feeling it made me smile because the music sounded so weird and eerily it's hard not to enjoy it.

Thus this song came from a band that doesn't consider themselves a duo act but a band calling themselves Nostalghia, named after the frontwomen Ciscandra Nostalghia. Taking use of her last name, Nostalghia has released one album "Nidos de Piel" (2013) with a follow-up "Chrysalis" (2014) with several songs off the album already been released, "You + I", "Homeostasis", "Sunshiny Milk", "Cool For Chaos", and the title track "Chrysalis".

Now again "Cool For Chaos", was indeed the song and video that again really struck with me but these other songs preserve that same eerily yet weird vibration. The instrumentals used throughout these songs and the album are vocals, piano, harp, percussion, accordion, and just strange sounds and other arrangements and instrumentals, while the lyrical context is truly "out there".  Ciscandra says that this whole album has a conceptual meaning of this journey she has taken. While writing this idea of a chrysalis, the title of the album, was put into her skull, putting herself into complete captivity into uncomfortable positions and situations on purpose. It was a transformative experience and how the chrysalis turned moth exists throughout the entire album. The last song in fact titled "The End", you can hear the moth coming out of her mouth it may be hard to describe such a sound but it's there.

When it comes down to it, Nostalghia’s music is best described in palate form; a vulnerable outpour of elemental emotional landscape married to its cinema of sound, birthing what is now coined by fans as, “Post-apocalyptic gypsy punk.” In other words, it's something you may have thought you have heard before, but it's truly and doubtfully unlikely.

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