Soul Thrower - The Beginning of Dark Nights

All were distraught after hearing about the tragic passing of former vocalist singer Layne Staley of Alice In Chains, the band of course decided to move forward releasing new music with a new singer, things couldn't be better which brings to mind Soul Thrower.

Believe it or not Soul Thrower's frontman by the name of Daner, has similar vocal chords it's unbelievable to how much the two sound alike. Daner's vocal talents can be heard on the numerous releases they have thrown out, "The End of Your Days" (2012) and follow-up "The Beginning of Dark Nights" with leading single "Skeleton Dance" both released this year. This release is without a doubt a ghost resemblance to that of Layne Staley I can't say that enough, but why wouldn't it the band's influences come from Alice In Chains, Black Sabbath, and Zakk Wylde so these being enlisted you get the feeling of what to expect.

When it comes down to the music itself, it's very catchy and upbeat having several songs that stand out of course, "Skeleton Dance", "Gore", "Hurt Your Face", "Needle", and "Demoness". The instrumentals being very driven and direct, the guitars, drums, bass, and vocals just work so well together it's hard to tell them apart at times, it makes their music that more easy listening that you cannot resist hearing more.

Soul Thrower are one of those acts that does bring back some old school vibrations doing it so well in fact it's hard to listen to the original thing because it's like you already are its uncanny at times.

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