Asking Alexandria - From Death To Destiny

For the fans of Asking Alexandria there are the half who prefer the era of "Stand up and Scream" while others prefer "Reckless and Relentless" but then there are some if not all who would want the band to change things up - hence what frontman vocalist Danny Worsnop notes in numerous remarks on how the band has changed upon "From Death to Destiny" taking the rock n' roll approach having that 80's glam rock vibe to it. Could it be the best thing for them to do? Will this choice be the turn for the worse? Or will everyone just shut up and listen?

Well.... it features a somewhat happier more uplifting lyrics differing in theme as opposed to their previous release dealing with alcohol and drug problems. Since "Run Free", and "The Death Of Me", made the spotlight so far the sound and style choice is indeed rock n' roll hyped with that added flare of 80's glam rock no breakdowns presented here or on any of the other tracks really. There are in fact a lot of screams but they are freshened and new as opposed to the previous screaming tactics Danny was first known to create.

"Break Down The Walls", "Killing Me", "Creature", and "Until The End", are other mentionable tunes that tend to stand out on this release, each one being their own unique creativity still maintaining that rock n' roll 80's glam vibe with some added screaming flares in between. The instrumental work done here is creative and solid spot on with on-going riffs, blasting drum beats, bass lines, everything comes together in the end creating an upbeat sensation that's repeatedly fresh.

Asking Alexandria have still got it going on for them no doubt about that factor but with this continuation of changing their source of style and ability is another matter and if the fans will continue to appreciate that or draw back from it.

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