The Exploding Boy Releases "Dark City (Pt. II)" Single

The Exploding Boy is a perfect mix of post-punk and modern gothic-pop, and their fourth album (appropriately entitled Four) is their tightest and strongest record to date. Supported by a Johan Edlund (Tiamat)-produced video for Dark City Pt. II, Four is quintessential Swedish dark pop, with influences ranging from classics like The Cure, Sisters Of Mercy, Joy Division and Bauhaus to newer bands like Placebo and Editors. If you want a perfect re-imagining of the 80s new wave sound, check out what Natalie Perez (Revolver, Metal Maniacs) called a "force field of awesome music!"

"A reinvention of the music genres of Electronica, Goth, and New Wave, combined and refined."
-Jim Sells, Vivogig

"There is no stopping this force field of awesome music!"
-Natalie Perez (Revolver, Metal Maniacs), NataliezWorld

You can buy the single via iTunes HERE.

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