Her Dying Regret's Craig Mayor Gets Their Legacy

It's been a year since last speaking with metallers Her Dying Regret, since then members have left while new one's have come in and new material has been written and recorded as well to make another all new EP release "Legacy". Guitarist Craig Mayor talks of the bands past, present, and future activity.

1. it’s been a year since we last spoke can you give me a brief summary as to what the band has been up too?

Craig: Shortly after the release of The Siren a few members left the band and we had a line-up shuffle most significantly resulting in us deciding on having two vocalists instead of just the one, at the start of the year we quickly started writing new material as part of this new line-up and promoting ourselves as a 6 piece, we played a number of headline shows, shot the music video for Legacy and started recording the new EP in June.

2. So how does "Legacy" compare, differ, and evolved from "The Siren"?

Craig: Legacy has better production value, it's heavier more polished and it’s our own unique sound, we wanted to really create a sound that makes us stand out from the crowd with this release, the songs are more technical instrumentally and the lyrical content is much more passionate than in the debut release.

3. You recorded this release at Avenue Studios what was it about this particular studios that made it work?

Craig: The producer defiantly helped make the recording process easier and more fun because he's a great guy and knows how to make a record sound great; he had patience and made some great suggestions where he thought songs could be improved.

4. What was it like to work with producer Daniel Kerr, what did we bring to the table for you guys?

Craig: Incredibly easy to work with, he's honest if he thinks something can be improved, he's a perfectionist and he's got a lot of Experience in music production, he helped take what we had in our heads and makes it a reality.

6. Who did the cover art for "Legacy" and how much input did you have on it?

Craig: Vince Boar did the art work, Craig come up with the idea for a woman holding an hour glass with a time based theme around it.

7. Select two songs from "Legacy" and what inspired the lyrics.

Craig: The Shallow - The lyrical content in The Shallow is inspired by all the people that live life just to work or make money, The message behind the song is to make the most of your life because in the end you'll regret it "When you're at the end of days And you're running out of life, will you shake the hand of death of beg him to give more time?"

 The last lie - This song was inspired by all those that have come from a broken home, who feel alone or like their life isn't Worth living, the message behind the song is that there are a lot of people in the same situation and that you're not alone no Matter how low you feel and to just stay strong. - "We'll all live, we’ll never die, we’re not alone, we’ll stand and fight".

8. What's your take on "Legacy" as a whole?

 Craig:We feel like It's a huge step up from our previous release in every way, we have our own sound and a clear direction on where We want to go musically following this release, as a band and a group of songwriters we've learned so much writing this EP it Can only go upwards from here.

9. What's your favorite song on the EP right now?

Craig: The Last Lie because of the variation in the riffs, the flow of the chorus and the breakdowns, the whole song just flows really well.

10. Is it important for you to paint visual pictures with the songs?

Craig: I think so; once you've got a visual picture in your head you can write the music according to the mood or sound you're going for to convey that picture across to an audience.

11. Where is the new material headed?

Craig: Heavier, better riffs, more groove, we'll maybe try mixing elements from different genres into our sound.

12. Are you guys in the process of working on a full-length or another EP?

Craig: Not yet, we're currently waiting for the release of Legacy and the reaction we get to the release will determine what we do next.

13. What can the fans expect to see from you in the future?

Craig: Some single releases, music videos and possibly a new album in the future.

14. Have you heard Her Dying Regret?

Craig: Yes.

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